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Renny Rochani, Wahyudi Sutopo, Satrio Fachri Chaniago,
Volume 35, Issue 1 (3-2024)

Electric motorcycles (EM) are promising solutions for eco-friendly vehicles, but there are some dilemmas caused by the fossil-based energy used for charging and the limited charging infrastructure. This article proposes solving these dilemmas by designing a Solar-Powered Mobile Battery Swap Charging Station (MBSCS) for EM infrastructure. MBSCS will integrate solar power plants as a sustainable energy source and using battery swap system to accommodate EM. Design thinking methodology is used to develop the initial design of MBSCS and technical indicator assessment through focus group discussions with expert panelists. Simulations are conducted using PVSyst software to evaluate various system variants defined according to the selected components. The results of this study provide the MBSCS initial design, technical indicators to assess the MBSCS system, simulation results, and optimal system variant configuration. The findings of this study will mainly contribute to a solution for EM challenges and offer an environmentally friendly charging infrastructure. This study is expected to serve as an alternative solution for future mobile charging stations designed to answer the limited charging infrastructure as well as to demonstrate the potential use of portable solar power plant to overcome dependence on fossil-based energy.

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