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A. Ghadiri , H. Heydari ,
Volume 18, Issue 2 (4-2007)

 Abstract: Local flux may be distorted in many regions of core, although total flux is usually sinusoidal. When attempting to predict the loss distribution in materials operating under localized distorted flux conditions, which occur in machines and transformer cores, it is essential that proper account of the waveform be taken. Moreover for development of new magnetic materials and generation of better magnetic sheets, it is necessary to implement detailed measurement for their property specifications. One of these property specifications is loss under distorted flux conditions. A high precision Single Sheet Tester (SST) was implemented in which the specification of the sample sheet will be measured by software processing of B and H. The finite element method was used for the magnetic field study. The field distribution was calculated inside and outside the sample, in which way the error was obtained. By different section of the winding in exciting coil the field uniformity was improved and finally the implemented system shows error less than 0.6% in measurement of hysterics loss of magnetic sheets. Loss due to distorted flux was measured for different harmonics and in distinct amplitudes and phases. A range of non-oriented and grain oriented materials were tested under distorted flux waveform condition. For non-oriented sheets loss measured about 10% by applying 15% third harmonic to exciting waveform, while this value was about 25% for many of grain oriented sheets. Moreover, based on implemented measurements, harmonic phase affects on loss and makes about 22% error in loss prediction for non-oriented sheets.


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