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Vankamamidi S Naresh, O Sri Nagesh, S Sivaranjanireddi,
Volume 31, Issue 2 (6-2020)

Cognitive based (Chatbot) blood bank provides the communication platform among the stakeholders of blood bank. In the past the blood recipient will have to contact the blood bank and the blood donors individually, which is a time consuming process.  To address this issue in this paper we propose a Secure Dynamic Interactive Blood Bank based on Cognitive Computing which can fulfill the blood request of the needy with less hardship. Hence the proposed work aims to overcome this problem by requesting the recipient to simply send a message to a chatbot.  The motivated individuals who are willing to donate blood can register their name by interacting with the chatbot. If the requested blood group is available at the blood bank / registered donor then the recipient will get contact details of the blood bank / registered donors available at that instant. Donor data will be maintained in Cloud database. The proposed system is a cognitive chatbot, which acts as a communication platform among the stakeholders such as blood bank, blood donor and the needy. This system is built using cognitive technology of Google; it makes conversations using chatbots very similar to human conversations, thereby making the proposed system more efficient compared to the existing ones.

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