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Harwati Harwati, Anna Maria Sri Asih, Bertha Maya Sopha,
Volume 34, Issue 3 (IJIEPR 2023)

In recent years, research on halal supply chain resilience (HSCRES) has been growing to deal with the vulnerabilities caused by halal risks that disrupt global halal supply chains. However, empirical studies in this field have been hindered by the lack of identifying halal capabilities that represent the strength of HSCRES. This study aimed to determine and prioritize halal resilience capability. In the first step, extant literature is reviewed to identify capability factors in the context of the halal supply chain. In the second step, the fuzzy analytical hierarchy process (FAHP) approach was used to rank the halal capability indicators. The results of this study indicate that halal integrity is the most important capability factor in enhancing a resilient halal supply chain. The results also reveal that mandatory regulation is the most significant indicator in HSCRES, followed by halal teams, official halal logos, internal halal audits, and communication channels. This finding offers stakeholder recommendations on which capabilities should be prioritized to reduce the impact of halal risks that disrupt supply chains’ resilience

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