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Y Aleskerova , Zoia Titenko , H Skrypnyk , O Grytsyna ,
Volume 31, Issue 4 (IJIEPR 2020)

 The relevance of the research topic is due to the fact that in the current economic conditions attracting additional investments will ensure the further development of the agricultural sector of the economy. The purpose of the article is to establish a close link between investment attraction and increased agricultural output.
Positive dynamics were found as a result of the analysis of the dynamics of investments in fixed assets in the agricultural sector during the analyzed period, but their fluctuations by years are observed due to the influence of factors of the external and internal environment.
Scientific methods were used in the research process: modeling - to build an investment model for the development of the agricultural sector of the economy; economic and statistical - to assess the dynamics of capital investment; analysis and synthesis - to find out the reasons that cause changes in capital investment.
Results of the research. The result of the study is clearly identified trends in attracting investment in the agricultural sector of Ukraine. The analysis of investment attractiveness on the basis of neoclassical Cobb-Douglas production function is carried out. The obtained model made it possible to predict the volume of production based on the expected values of capital and labor.

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