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Vitalina Babenko, Olena Rayevnyeva, Dmytro Zherlitsyn, Olena Dovgal, Goncharenko Natalia, Miroshnichenko Tetyana,
Volume 31, Issue 4 (IJIEPR 2020)

The processes of transformation of the energy space, namely the impact of alternative energy resources on it, are characterized by changes in the national economy in general and in the energy market in particular. The results of the analysis confirmed the significant dependence of electricity production indicators on renewable sources and such factors as GDP, CO2 emissions, total electricity production, which requires improvement of organizational and economic bases for policy development of state support for renewable energy technologies in countries with exogenous factors. The interdependence between electricity production from renewable sources and economic indicators in Ukrainian-Chilean relations using macroeconomic multifactor analysis based on the correlation method allowed to identify the most influential factors.

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