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R. Shiva Sahnkar, Ch. Raminaidu, D. Ravibabu, Vmnssvr Gupta,
Volume 31, Issue 3 (IJIEPR 2020)

In the currentworld the best modefor transport is two wheeler transports. But huge risk is involved because of having protection at lower level. This paper proposed an approach for automatically detecting whether the rider wear helmet or not with any manual intervention. If the rider of the bike identified not wearing helmet, then corresponding two wheeler number plate was read and noted. Data records of every offender who were not wore helmet will be automatically saved into the database A database will be generated with records to identify every offender accurately. This paper aims to explain automatic detection of motor cyclists without helmet and sending the messages to detected persons. Our proposed system is to extract the vehicle number from the RTO website using number plate of a vehicle by using the captured images. After getting the information use mobile number as a input to our model using this mobile number sending the fine details to the detected person. Our system maintains a database for number of detections of that particular vehicle numbers and also sending the detecting location details.

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