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Oleksandr Sokhatskyi, Oleksandr Dluhopolskyi, Roman Movchan, Olena Taranukha,
Volume 31, Issue 4 (IJIEPR 2020)

The article examines the impact of the dynamics of military expenditures, public debt, arms exports on the economic growth of the six countries (US, China, Russia, Israel, Ukraine, Moldova). The paper empirically tested the hypothesis of the possibility of further maintaining the positive macroeconomic effects in the process of confronting and persistent ‘hybrid’ military conflicts in either ‘hot’ or ‘frozen’ phases. The model characterizes the effects of factors and their change over time as well as features of the aggregate and the specificity of the development of individual objects. This allowed us to construct an object-dynamic regression model to determine the dependence of the development of national economies, namely GDP growth rates, for countries in a state of ‘hybrid’ war. The definition of these dependencies provides the opportunity to make recommendations on the use of adequate models of forecasting military expenditure for the country, which aims to achieve the goals of sustainable development under the increasing military threats.
Koshkalda Iryna, Karina Utenkova, Herman Lyudmyla, Vasilieva Lesja, Atamas Oleksandr,
Volume 33, Issue 1 (IJIEPR 2022)

The essence of the economic security of the Ukraine's agricultural sector, its role in further globalization, as well as the  trends of changes in key indicators of economic security till 2024 are considered in the article. The economic security of the agricultural sector is determined by the authors as an important component of the economic security of a country, it provides the state of a system (as a whole or individual entities), which in conditions of permanent influence of external and internal factors ensures the stability and progressive development of the agricultural sector  providing conditions for preservation and further reproduction of resource potential, guarantees food security, promotes the development of rural areas.
The emphasis is focused on the special role of food security in the context of achieving the Global Sustainable Development Goals.
The key indicators of achieving the Sustainable Development Goal 2 "Overcoming hunger, achieving food security, improving nutrition and promoting sustainable agricultural development" are analyzed. The positive dynamics is established for the following indicators: Productivity labour in agriculture; Index of agricultural products; The share of agricultural lands under organic production in the total area of this year lands; The consumer price index for food. Other indicators show that Ukraine lags far behind the targets.
The need to form a unified approach to the management of economic security of the agricultural sector has become the basis for the development of conceptual foundations for the strategy of economic security of the Ukraine's agricultural sector in the context of globalization. The implementation of this strategy will strengthen further the food security.

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