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Kosar Omrani, Abdul Sattar Safaei, Mohammad Mahdi Paydar, Maryam Nikzad,
Volume 31, Issue 1 (IJIEPR 2020)

Regarding population growth and prompt development in developing countries, municipal solid waste management is always a great challenge for governments. Waste to energy conversion is an efficient approach with respect to overcoming not only the challenge of municipal solid waste management but also environmental challenges related to energy consumption like global warming and fossil fuel depletion. One of the substantial problems throughout the implementation of waste to energy approach is process selection. The selected process should be technically feasible and should have a high level of compliance with environmental standards. Owing to an inevitable significance of process selection, this paper focuses on defining the best process by relying on multi-criteria decision-making tools and network analytic process. Considering the effective parameters such as cost, efficiency in material diversity, productivity rate, energy consumption, pollutant emissions, toxic substances, and process time, the result indicates that the physico-chemical process is superior process for pretreatment of material.

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