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M. Nadjafikhah, H. R. Salimi Moghaddam ,
Volume 17, Issue 4 (IJES 2006)

In this article, we generalize the concept of the Lie algebra of vector fields to the set of smooth sections of a T-bundle which is by definition a canonical generalization of the concept of a tangent bundle. We define a Lie bracket multiplication on this set so that it becomes a Lie algebra. In the particular case of tangent bundles this Lie algebra coincides with the Lie algebra of vector fields.

M. Nadjafikhah , A.r. Forough ,
Volume 18, Issue 1 (International Journal of Engineering 2007)

Abstract : Let be a 2nd order ODE. By Cartan equivalence method, we will study the local equivalence problem under the transformations group of time-fixed coordinates. We are going to solve this problem by an applicable method which has been recognized by R. Gardner, and classify them.


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