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Seyed Mohammad Ghadirpour, Donya Rahmani, Ghorbanali Moslemipour,
Volume 31, Issue 2 (IJIEPR 2020)

It is indispensable that any manufacturing system is consistent with potential changes such as fluctuations in demand. The uncertainty also makes it more essential. Routing Flexibility (RF) is one of the necessities to any modern manufacturing system such as Flexible Manufacturing System (FMS). This paper suggests three mixed integer nonlinear programming models for the Unequal–Area Stochastic Dynamic Facility Layout Problems (UA–SDFLPs) by considering the Routing Flexibility. The models are proposed when the independent demands follow the random variable with the Poisson, Exponential, and Normal distributions. To validation of the proposed models, many small-sized test problems has solved that derived from a real case in literature. The large-sized test problems are solved by the Genetic Algorithm (GA) at a reasonable computational time. The obtained results indicate that the discussed models for the UA–SDFLPs are valid and the managers can take these models to the manufacturing floor to adapt to the potential changes in today's competitive market.

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