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Hairul Rizad Md Sapry,
Volume 34, Issue 4 (IJIEPR 2023)

This study delves into modelling criteria for product returns within the context of a pharmaceutical company. It aims to address the main issues surrounding product return, investigate the factors that contribute to the criteria for product return, and provide recommendations for improving the process. Feedback from 170 participants was collected and analyzed using the Partial Least Squares Structural Equation Modeling (PLS-SEM) technique. The study's findings demonstrate the significance of various factors in shaping the criteria for product returns in the pharmaceutical industry. These factors include product quality, safety concerns, expiration dates, sales performance, and regulatory compliance. The analysis emphasizes the importance of establishing positive and significant relationships among direct, mediating, and moderating variables to determine the criteria for product returns effectively. Based on the results, it is recommended that the pharmaceutical industry concentrate its efforts on strengthening the pharmaceutical supply chain, fostering trust with customers, and contributing to the long-term growth and sustainability of the sector. By prioritizing these areas, pharmaceutical companies can enhance customer confidence, facilitate the expansion and sustainability of the industry, and capitalize on opportunities within the pharmaceutical market. Overall, the outcomes of this study provide valuable insights into modelling criteria for product returns in a pharmaceutical company. Implementing the recommended strategies will improve customer satisfaction and support the overall success and development of the pharmaceutical sector, enabling businesses to thrive in the industry's dynamic landscape.

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