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Iwa Kustiyawan, Mas Rahman Roestan, Catur Riani,
Volume 34, Issue 4 (IJIEPR 2023)

This research aims to identify the initial OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency) values on automated packaging machines with a 2d barcode track and trace system. Quantitative research methods used to obtain the OEE value, analysis of factors affecting the OEE values, developing a strategy to make improvements, and evaluate these strategies on the level of machine productivity. The importance of the subject lies in the need to improve the efficiency and productivity of pharmaceutical packaging processes. The pharmaceutical industry is facing increasing pressure to optimize operations and reduce waste. Implementing effective performance measurement tools such as Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) can help identify areas for improvement and enhance productivity. This study found that the track-and-trace system was below the company's standard, indicating room for improvement. Then, countermeasures were implemented to increase productivity and machine effectiveness, and the initial OEE value of the automated packaging machine with 2D barcodes improved. Thus, this study demonstrated the effectiveness of the proposed framework in evaluating and improving OEE in pharmaceutical packaging processes, highlighting the significance of digitalization and automation technologies in enhancing productivity.

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