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Nur Iftitah, Qurtubi Qurtubi, Muchamad Sugarindra,
Volume 34, Issue 4 (IJIEPR 2023)

This research aims to determine the scope and pattern of research and understand trends in class-based storage research, to deliver the latest research on the topic of class-based storage for future studies.  This study is based on data derived from several journal publications, limited only to publication years of 2012 to 2023. Harzing's Publish or Perish and VOSviewer software were used in data collection. Therefore, 980 articles were obtained based on keywords and processed by using bibliometric analysis. From the results of bibliometric research on the topic of class-based storage, identification of trends and patterns on research growth is obtained, analyzing renewal, obsolescence, and distribution of references, estimating productivity, author, year of publication, most-contributed publishers, and collaboration among authors who discussing interrelated topics. This research shows that in bibliometric studies in class-based storage literature, by involving analysis through keywords contained in titles and abstracts, as well as various analyses of years of publication, most publications are able to deepen and expand the literature in the previous class-based storage-related research. So that the findings in terms of assessment techniques and relationships can be used as information for future researchers in such fields of study. Research on bibliometrics is the main reference, especially in the arrangement of facility layout and warehouse management. The originality provided by this study lies in the presentation of differences and similarities between current researchers and previous researchers and the processing of publication databases based on class-based storage journals. So that all published information on the topic of class-based storage in the last 10 years (2012-2023) could become a basis and reference for further research.

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