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Inna Irtyshcheva, Yevheniya Boiko, Olena Pavlenko, Iryna Kramarenko, Kseniia Chumakova, Natalia Hryshyna, Olena Ishchenko, Anastasiia Zubko,
Volume 34, Issue 1 (IJIEPR 2023)

The research is devoted to the theoretical and applied
organizational bases to held of the comparative analysis of the economic development of the regions of the Black Sea region. The main purpose of the article is the process of comparative
analysis of economic development of the Black Sea region. The article tests the authors' hypothesis about the adequacy of the indicators defined for evaluation through the proposed number of relative indicators, which in the complex will characterize the achievements of the region in ensuring the economic stability of the regional system, quality of transformation processes and indirectly the conditions created by public authorities for economic development. There is confirmed the dependence of the use of the proposed methodological approaches and the constructed comparative profile of the regions of the region, which can be useful for identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the region, outlining key issues and developing regional development plans and programs. It is determined that the largest vector length in the Mykolaivska region, which indicates that in the region on a number of economic indicators achieved higher results than in other regions of the Black Sea region and on average in other regions of Ukraine during the study period.

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