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Ag Kaifah Riyard Kiflee, Nornajihah Nadia Hasbullah, Faerozh Madli,
Volume 35, Issue 2 (IJIEPR 2024)

Over the years, the attention given to corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability topics has received a lot of attention significantly and various new terms have been introduced. This result has sparked a wide-ranging and unspecified discussion, particularly in the fields of economics and business management. The presents of functional CSR and sustainability enable management to make better decisions for the benefit of the entire society.  As a result, understanding the topic of interest and broadening research collaboration are critical for advancing research development.  The purpose of this study is to identify global research trends in CSR and sustainability based on publication numbers, co-authorship, affiliated countries, and keyword co-occurrences. This study used RTools and Prisma for its analysis. The findings indicate a significant rise in the number of articles published in the field of corporate social responsibility and sustainability since 2015. The USA contributed more than half of the publications, with Italy and Spain following closely behind.

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