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Sima Boosaiedi, Mohammad Reisi-Nafchi, Ghasem Moslehi,
Volume 33, Issue 2 (IJIEPR 2022)

Operating rooms have become the most important areas in hospitals because of the scarcity and cost of resources. The present study investigates operating room scheduling and rescheduling considering the priority of surgical patients in a specialized hospital. The ultimate purpose of scheduling is to minimize patient waiting time, surgeon idle time between surgeries, and penalties for deviations from operating room preferences. A mathematical programming model is presented to solve the problem. Because the problem is strongly NP-hard, two heuristic algorithms are presented. A heuristic algorithm based on a mathematical programming model with local search obtains near-optimal solutions for all the samples. The average relative deviation of this algorithm is 0.02%. In continuous, heuristic algorithms performance have been investigated by increasing the number of patients and reduce the number of recovery beds. Next, a rescheduling heuristic algorithm is presented to deal with real-time situations. This algorithm presents fewer changes resulting from rescheduling in comparison with the scheduling problem.

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