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Hooman Abdollahi, Seyed Babak Ebrahimi, Ali Farmani,
Volume 27, Issue 3 (IJIEPR 2016)

Presently, emerging economies are acquiring singular positions all over the world. The complexities of nowadays economy have caused international companies and investors to be of a tendency towards emerging markets for more profitability and growth. This study aims to find the relationships between firm's profitability and growth in Iranian manufacturing industry consisting of Tehran Stock Market listed manufacturing firms covering 2005-2014. In order to understand the direction of causality between firm growth and profitability, we use system-GMM (Generalized Method of Moments) to estimate growth and profit regressions. The results obtained indicate that there is positively bilateral relationship between profitability and growth in the case of Iranian manufacturing firms. Also, we find the positive impact of current profit (growth) on current growth (profit) is stronger than the impact of the prior year.  

Hooman Abdollahi,
Volume 31, Issue 1 (IJIEPR 2020)

Practically, Islamic banking in Iran is not much different from conventional banking principles. Many paradigms of the commercial banking are considered in the Islamic-Iranian banking. Owing to the fact that asset and liability optimization is an important issue in the banking industry, the present paper investigates the balance sheet and income statement to constitute a structure for measuring each asset’s risk. The author uses the method of multiple objective programming to solve the problem of commercial bank's diversified pursuit of low risk and high profit by considering the so-called duration constraint. To test the proposed model, the data were collected from an Iranian commercial bank named Mellat bank from June 2009 to December 2016. The results suggest that Mellat bank, as the biggest private bank in Iran, should reform its asset-liability allocation to achieve the optimal level.

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