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S. Rajamand,
Volume 18, Issue 2 (6-2022)

Fair distribution of generated power has a significant impact on the performance of the power system. Many methods have been proposed for the safe and secure operation of power systems under the uncertainties of distributed generators and system load. In this paper, we present an optimal power distribution algorithm for distributed generators against uncertainties and load changes of direct-current and alternating-current transmission systems. In this optimal algorithm, considering the stable-state constraints for all uncertainties is performed. In order to establish these constraints at the lowest cost, the adaptive droop coefficients are employed to optimize the power sharing, reloading and modifying the power coefficient of each distributed generator in the power system. Simulation results show the efficiency of the proposed method to improve the performance of the system and reduce the total cost. The voltage/power deviation from reference value in the proposed method is about 1-1.5% where in the conventional droop control, it is more than 2-3%. In addition, in the same uncertainty of the load/distributed generator power in the test system, proposed method requires 20% less power redistribution compared to the conventional droop method. Also, total cost increasing (due to uncertainty increasing) in the conventional droop method is higher than the proposed method (about 10-15%) which shows the robustness of the suggested method against uncertainty changes.

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