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M. Najjarpour, B. Tousi, S. Jamali,
Volume 18, Issue 4 (12-2022)

Optimal power flow is an essential tool in the study of power systems. Distributed generation sources increase network uncertainties due to their random behavior, so the optimal power flow is no longer responsive and the probabilistic optimal power flow must be used. This paper presents a probabilistic optimal power flow algorithm using the Taguchi method based on orthogonal arrays and genetic algorithms. This method can apply correlations and is validated by simulation experiments in the IEEE 30-bus network. The test results of this method are compared with the Monte Carlo simulation results and the two-point estimation method. The purpose of this paper is to reduce the losses of the entire IEEE 30-bus network. The accuracy and efficiency of the proposed Taguchi correlation method and the genetic algorithm are confirmed by comparison with the Monte Carlo simulation and the two-point estimation method. Finally, with this method, we see a reduction of 5.5 MW of losses.

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