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J. Sadeh, E. Kamyab,
Volume 8, Issue 4 (12-2012)

Islanded operation of distributed generators is a problem that can take place when they are connected to a distribution system. In this paper an islanding detection method is presented for inverter based distributed generation (DG) using under/over voltage relay. The method is an adaptive one and is based on the change of DG active power reference (Pref) in inverter control interface. The active power reference has a fixed value in normal condition, whereas, if the point of common coupling (PCC) voltage changes, Pref has determined as a linear function of voltage. The slope of Pref is dependent to the load active power (Pload) and should be changed if Pload changes. The non-detection zone (NDZ) of the proposed method is dependent on the accuracy of the voltage measurement equipment if changing of the PCC voltage is sensed, then, islanding will be detected if it is occurred. Also it does not have any negative effects on the distribution system in normal conditions. Moreover, the proposed technique can be applied when two-DG is in the island. The proposed method is evaluated according to the requirements of the IEEE 1547 and UL 1741 standards, using PSCAD/EMTDC software.

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