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S. Saeedinia, M. A. Shamsi-Nejad, H. Eliasi,
Volume 18, Issue 2 (June 2022)

This paper proposes a grid-connected single-phase micro-inverter (MI) with a rated power of 300 W and an appropriate control strategy for photovoltaic (PV) systems. The proposed MI is designed based on a two-stage topology. The first stage consists of a SEPIC DC-DC converter with high voltage gain to step up the voltage of the PV panel and harness the maximum power, while the second stage includes a full-bridge DC-AC converter. The advantages of the proposed MI are the use of fewer components to provide suitable output voltage level for connection to a single-phase grid, continuous input current, limited voltage stress on the switch, high efficiency, long operational lifetime, and high reliability. Lower input current ripple and the presence of film capacitors in the power decoupling circuit increase the lifetime and reliability of the proposed MI. In the proposed MI, the active power decoupling circuit, which is normally used in a typical single-stage SEPIC-based MI, is eliminated to achieve both a long lifetime and high efficiency. The operating principles of the proposed MI are analyzed under different conditions. The results of design and simulation confirm the advantages and proper performance of the proposed MI.

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