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J. Fatemi-Nasab, S. Jarchi, A. Keshtkar,
Volume 17, Issue 1 (March 2021)

In this study, a radiation pattern reconfigurable microstrip antenna is designed and fabricated. The antenna’s radiation pattern is directed in 9 different angles by employing a radiating patch and embedding complementary split ring resonators (CSRR) on the ground plane. The radiating patch is of circular shape, while for CSRR elements both circular and rectangular shapes are investigated. The antenna is excited through coaxial feed. There are four CSRR cells on the ground plane. With applying slots on CSRR’s arms and loading them by pin diodes, variable length CSRRs are obtained which result in radiation pattern reconfigurable property. Radiation characteristics of the antenna versus different switching modes of pin diodes are investigated and illustrated. The proposed antenna is also compact. The designed antenna was fabricated on FR4 substrate with thickness of 1.6 mm, and measurement results are provided. The results demonstrate that the presented antenna has impedance bandwidth of 2.39-2.47 GHz with a gain of more than 7 dBi.

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