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M. Habibzadeh, S. M. Mirimani,
Volume 17, Issue 4 (December 2021)

The role of energy management in hybrid and electric vehicles (EVs) is an important concern to enhance operational performance and provide the defined efficiency targets in transportation. The power conversion stage as an interface between storage units and the DC-link of the three-phase inverter forms a major challenge in EVs. In this study, a control approach for DC-bus voltage, which utilizes a hybrid energy storage system (HESS) for EV applications, has been proposed. A high-energy-density battery pack and an ultra-capacitor, which owns a high-power density, form the hybrid energy storage system. The proposed approach allows full utilization of the stored energy in the storage devices, and also adds a voltage boost feature to the DC-bus. In the proposed control structure, a motor drive based on SVM-DTC is used to track the flux and torque components using regulators with the space vector modulation. The optimal DC-bus voltage can be tracked by incorporating the motor drive stage with a HESS. This integration results in less processed power. This article presents the simulation results toward confirming and verifying the effectiveness of the proposed approach.

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