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E. Bounadja, Z. Boudjema, A. Djahbar,
Volume 15, Issue 3 (September 2019)

This paper proposes a novel wind energy conversion system based on a Five-phase Permanent Magnetic Synchronous Generator (5-PMSG) and a Five to three Matrix Converter (5-3MC). The low cost and volume and also eliminating grid side converter controller are attractive aspects of the proposed topology compared to the conventional with back-to-back converters. The control of active and reactive power injected to the grid from the proposed system is carried out by a Direct Power Control (DPC) combined with a Space Vector Modulation (SVM). An advantage of this control, compared with the Conventional Direct Power Control (C-DPC) method, is that it eliminates the lookup table and lowers grid powers and currents harmonics through the use of a standard PI controller instead of hysteresis comparators. The efficiency of proposed whole system has been simulated by using MATLAB/Simulink environment.

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