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S. M. Mousavi Gazafroodi, A. Dashti,
Volume 10, Issue 4 (December 2014)

In this paper, a novel stator current based Model Reference Adaptive System (MRAS) estimator for speed estimation in the speed-sensorless vector controlled induction motor drives is presented. In the proposed MRAS estimator, measured stator current of the induction motor is considered as a reference model. The estimated stator current is produced in an adjustable model to compare with the measured stator current, where rotor flux identification is needed for stator current estimation. In the available stator current based MRAS estimator, rotor flux is estimated by the use of measured stator current, where the adjustable model and reference model depend on each other since measured stator current is employed in both of them. To improve the performance of the MRAS speed estimator, both the stator current and rotor flux are estimated in the adjustable model by using the state space equations of the induction motor, adjusted with the rotor speed calculated by an adaptation mechanism. The stability of the proposed MRAS estimator is studied through a small signal analysis. Senorless induction motor drive along with the proposed MRAS speed estimator is verified through computer simulations. In addition, performance of the proposed MRAS is compared with the available stator current based MRAS speed estimator
H. Hasanzadeh Fard, S. A. Bahreyni , R. Dashti , H. A. Shayanfar,
Volume 11, Issue 2 (June 2015)

Evaluation of the reliability parameters in micro-grids based on renewable energy sources is one of the main problems that are investigated in this paper. Renewable energy sources such as solar and wind energy, battery as an energy storage system and fuel cell as a backup system are used to provide power to the electrical loads of the micro-grid. Loads in the micro-grid consist of interruptible and uninterruptible loads. In addition to the reliability parameters, Forced Outage Rate of each component and also uncertainty of wind power, PV power and demand are considered for micro-grid. In this paper, the problem is formulated as a nonlinear integer minimization problem which minimizes the sum of the total capital, operational, maintenance and replacement cost of DERs. This paper proposes PSO for solving this minimization problem.


M Sedaghati, R Dashti,
Volume 11, Issue 4 (December 2015)

In this paper, a new model has been presented to determine the number of spare transformers and their locations for distribution stations. The number of spare transformers must be so that they need minimum investment. Furthermore, they must be sufficient for replacing with transformers that have been damaged. For this reason, in this paper a new purpose function has been presented to maximize profit in distribution company’s budgeting and planning. For determining the number of spares that must be available in a stock room, this paper considers the number of spares and transformer’s fault at the same time. The number of spare transformers is determined so that at least one spare transformer will be available for replacing with the failed transformers. This paper considers time required for purchasing or repairing a failed transformer to determine the number of required spare transformers. Furthermore, whatever the number of spare equipment are increased, cost of maintenance will be increased, so an economic comparison must be done between reduced costs from reducing of outage time and increased costs from spare transformers existence.


Atefeh Sohrabi, Hamideh Dashti, Javad Ahmadi-Shokouh,
Volume 19, Issue 4 (December 2023)

In this article, an active electrically small Horn antenna for very high frequency (VHF) and ultra-high frequency (UHF) frequencies is presented. The proposed horn antenna has a height of 5 cm and a diameter of 4.28 cm which can cover 6-12 GHz without a special active circuit with the VSWR of less than 2. A Non-foster Active Adaptation Circuit is used to reduce the antenna input frequency from 164 MHz to 880 MHz. Good matching is visible between the simulation results and the measurement of the antenna reflection coefficient with the active matching circuit. The proposed structure has more than 137 % bandwidth. With the proposed active antenna, the problem of non-portability of VHF and UHF Horn antenna antennas has been solved. Finally, by analyzing the time domain, the stability of the circuit is examined, and the results of the stability test show that the system, including the antenna and the circuit, is stable. The antenna and the matching circuits are simulated by CST microwave studio and advanced design system, respectively.

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