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O. Nazari, E. Jabbari, H. Sarkardeh,
Volume 13, Issue 1 (Transaction A: Civil Engineering March 2015)

To dissipate energy and invert excessive discharge flow away from high dams into plunge pool, flip buckets are commonly designed and optimized by hydraulic model studies. In the present study, performance of chute flip buckets in different hydraulic and geometry conditions was investigated using experimental data of five different physical models. The collected experimental data such as Froude number, radius of flip bucket and slope of chute covered a wide range of chute flip buckets in prototype. By analyzing the data, relations for dynamic values of maximum and minimum pressures and their location along the flip bucket were extracted. Moreover, pressure distribution along the central axis of flip bucket was defined. Finally, results of the present research were compared with that of the other researches. Results of this study could be used in the design of chute flip buckets in hydraulic engineering.
Mohammad Naghian, Mohsen Lashkarbolok, Ebrahim Jabbari,
Volume 15, Issue 1 (Transaction A: Civil Engineering 2017)

A least squares based meshfree method is used in the numerical simulation of a turbulent flow. The proposed approach is integral free, vectorized and enjoying sparse positive definite matrices. Here the standard k-ε model is employed to model the turbulent flow. A matrix formulation is illustrated that simply can be extended for other turbulence models. Two bench mark problems are solved and results are compared with the literature.

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