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Mr, Mohmadreza Sabzehali, Mr, Mahdi Alibeigi, Dr. Somayeh Davoodabadi Farahani,
Volume 11, Issue 2 (6-2021)

In this study, a new micro gas turbine engine is presented. The effect of inlet air cooling on the performance of the micro gas turbine engine by changing the parameters such as the temperature difference between the inlet air temperature (IAT) based on ISA (International Society of Automation) standard and turbine inlet temperature (TIT) has been investigated. then, an Optimization is done base on the Genetic Algorithm with two separate objectives, SNOx minimization, and Thermal efficiency maximization, separately. The thermal efficiency and specific consumption of the optimized cycle based on the thermal efficiency are compared with the XU7/L3 internal combustion engine to produce the output power of 64.57 KW. Results show by adding a cooling system to the micro gas turbines to cool the inlet air with the coefficient performance of 2 and 4 increased the thermal efficiency by about 11.37% rather than base mrio gas turbine engine Eventually, the proposed micro gas turbine engine is more efficient than the XU7/L3 internal combustion engine. so It can be understood that micro  GT is one of the best substitutes for the internal combustion engine in the new vehicle age just by adding the cooling system.

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