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M. Mokhtari, K. Farhadi,
Volume 4, Issue 1 (3-2014)

Automobile light weight structural composites are subjected to the various loadings in their service lives. Honeycombs are increasingly used as core structures in automobile light weight structures as energy absorbers. In this paper the energy absorption of honeycomb panels under impact of cylindrical projectile is numerically and experimentally studied. The effect of the core materials and cross-ply or semi-isotropic lamination of face-sheets are checked numerically. Results shown that the aluminum cores vs. Nomex cores and semi-isotropic lamination of face-sheets have much better energy absorption aspects in impact loading.
Abolfazl Mokhtari, Amin Najafi, Masoud Masih Tehran,
Volume 12, Issue 1 (3-2022)

Today, a large part of a vehicle's performance depends on its suspension. These expectations are addressed in this paper, including ride comfort, road-holding, and lateral stability. Due to the high statistics of lateral overturning, preventing lateral overturning and providing lateral stability of the vehicle is one of the most important goals of this paper. In this paper, a new type of suspension based on the Series Active Variable-Geometry is used by designing a simple Sliding Mode Controller (SMC) to improve vehicle dynamics. On the contrary previous studies in this field, asymmetric distribution of control command has been used to increase the usefulness of suspension in standard road roughness and during longitudinal and transverse maneuvers. In this paper, by simulating crosswind and double lane change maneuvers, several ideas have been used to command the suspension links, and a 25% to 30% improvement in vehicle dynamic performance parameters has been achieved.

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