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N. Tavassoli, A. Darvizeh, M. Darvizeh,
Volume 2, Issue 1 (1-2012)

Car body lightening and crashworthiness are two important objectives of car design. Due to their excellent performance, composite materials are extensively used in the car industries. In addition, reducing the weight of vehicle is effective in decreasing the fuel consumption. Hat shape energy absorber is used in car’s doors for side impact protection. The aim of these numerical models and experimental tests is to unveil some important fact about using composite materials in hat shape energy absorber and also show the effect of orientation angles on the amount of energy absorption. The effects of different orientation angles on crushing behavior of hat shape structure are presented.
Vahid Nooraeefar, Nader Nariman-Zadeh, Abolfazl Darvizeh,
Volume 12, Issue 3 (9-2022)

Connecting point of the longitudinal veins and cross-veins in wing is called Joint.  In some insect wing joints, there is a type of rubber-like protein called Resilin. Due to the low Young's modulus of this protein, its presence in the wing can help to change the shape of the wing during flight. Today, using composite structures in flying vehicles in order to achieve the desired shape of wing is considered. The purpose of this study is the multi-objective optimization of artificial wing by arranging Resilin joints in the artificial wing of Micro air vehicles (MAVs). The amount of torsion and bending of the flapping robot wings is considered as the objective function to improve the flight performance of robots. Two types of artificial wings have been investigated, and considering pareto points, the optimal arrangement of Resilin joints has been achieved.  The result of this study shows that in both wings, with the presence of Resilin in the joints, the amount of torsion has increased to 38.65 degrees.

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