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Ah Kakaee, Anvar Ahmadkhah,
Volume 11, Issue 3 (9-2021)

Surface texturing modifications improve the tribological performance parameters. In parallel slider bearings with a micro-grooved textured surface, the effects of the Reynolds number and the texture aspect ratio at constant texture density have been studied; however, the texture density variation's effects on the tribological performance have not been investigated yet. The focus of this study is on the texture density variation in micro-grooved parallel slider bearings. The numerical analysis approach was utilized to perform a more in-depth understanding of texture density variation on the two-dimensional pressure distribution, skin friction coefficient, and recirculation zones in micro-grooves and the objective of flow functions such as load-carrying capacity and friction coefficient. In order to validate using the current CFD model for analyzing hydrodynamic bearings, a comparison with the published theoretical paper results was presented. The results were in good agreement with the published theoretical predictions. In a variety of aspect ratios, the texture densities led to an upgrade tribological performance. Results showed remarkable improvements in frictional response with texture density, and an optimal texture density exists. Finally, it was observed that the optimal micro-grooves texture density depends on the texture aspect ratio, while it is independent of the sliding velocity.

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