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International Articles

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The following articles are published in international journals or presented in the international

conferences by SRE Academic staffs whole over the world. To know more about any of them

you can easily contact the author through Academic Staff. The articles are classified annually. 

  1.Ghoseiri, K. and Ghannadpour, S.F., “ Locomotive Routing in Rail Networks using a Hybrid genetic algorithm ”, Journal of Transportation Research, 2008
  2. M. Ansari, D. Younesian, E. Esmailzadeh, Longitudinal dynamics of freight trains, International Journal of Heavy Vehicle Systems, 2008, (Accepted-In Press), 
   3. D. Younesian, M. H. Kargarnovin, E. Esmailzadeh, Optimal Passive Vibration Control of Timoshenko Beams with Arbitrary Boundary Conditions Traversed by Moving Loads, Journal of Multi-body Dynamics, 2008, Accepted (In Press), 
   4. Hosseini Tehrani, P., Asadi, A. “Effects of new materials on crashworthiness of S-Rail’s”, IMEKE, Journal of materials: design and applications, vol. 222, part L.(2008) .
   5. Asadi Lari, A, Brown, M, Rail Vehicle Wheel wear prediction—A Comparison Between Analytical and Experimental Approaches, Vehicle System Dynamics, DOI: 10.1080/00423110701589430, 2008.
    6. A. Ebrahimi, M. Sandidzadeh, “Fuzzy Logic Control of Regenerative Braking in DC Electrical Railway, Vol. 2, No. 1, 2008, ICASTOR Journal of Engineering, India.
  1. Rezvani, M.A. and Asadi Lari, A. and Khalafi, K. , “A numerical Procedure for calculation of pull-push forces between wagons with special interest on Train Couplings”, 7th International Conference on Railway Bogies and Running Gears, , Budapest, Hungary, 3-6 Sept, 2007
  2. Asadi Lari, A. and Rezvani, M.A. and Mirchi, A Preliminary Investigation on Failure Mechanisms of Rail Vehicle Steel Wheels”, 7th International Conference on Railway Bogies and Running Gears” , Budapest , Hungary , 3-6 Sept, 2007
  3. Ghoseiri, K., and Jalilvand, F., “ Estimating Marginal Costs for the Infrastructure of Iranian Railway Network Using an Econometric Approach ”, Journal of Transportation Research, Vol. 4, No.2, 2007.
  4. Hosseini Tehrani, P., Pirmohammad, S. “ Collapse study of thin-walled polygonal section columns subjected to oblique loads ”, IMEKE, Journal of Automobile engineering vol. 221, (2007) 801-810.
  5. D.Younesian, E.Esmailzadeh, R.Sedaghati, Asymptotic solutions and stability analysis for the nonhomogenous Generalized form of Mathieu Equation, (Journal of) Nonlinear sciences and numerical simulations, 2007, Vol. 12, No.1, pp. 58-71, 
  6. A. Asadi Lari, D. Younesian, F. Schmid, Tangential force variation due to the bogie direction reversal procedure, (Journal of) Vehicle System Dynamics, 2007, Vol. 45, No. 4, pp. 359-373, 
  7. Asadi Lari, A, Kapoor, A, The influence of bogie direction reversal on the wheel wear rate and on the wear patterns of rail vehicles, Wear, DOI: 10.1016/j.wear.2007.08.023, 2007 .
  8. Zakeri J. A and Sadeghi J. “Field Investigation on Load Distribution and Deflections of Railway Track Sleepers" Journal of Mechanical Science and Technology 2007, V 21 No. 12, pp. 1948-1956.
  9. Dr. M. R. ADLPARVAR, Dr. H. R. VOSOUGHIFAR , A. MIRMOEINI. " An overview of precast and prestressed techniques used in the construction of Tehran urban railway", 9th International conference of railway engineering, 20-21 June 2007, London, U.K.
  1. Hosseini Tehrani, P., Eslami, M. R. and Azari, Sh. “ Analysis of thermoelastic crack problem using Green and Lindsay theory”, J. of Thermal Stresses, 29, (2006)317-330.
  2. Hosseini Tehrani, P., Nikahd, M. “ Two materials S-frame representation for improving crashworthiness and lightening ”, Journal of thin- walled structures, 44,(2006) 407-414.
  3. Hosseini Tehrani, P., Nikahd, M., “ Effects of ribs on S-frame crashworthiness ”, IMEKE, Journal of Automobile engineering vol. 220, (2006) 1679-1689 .
  4. M.H. Kargarnovin, D.Younesian, D.J.Thompson, C.J.C. Jones, Parametrically excited vibration of a Timoshenko beam on viscoealstic foundation subjected to a harmonic moving load, (Journal of) Nonlinear Dynamics, 2006, Vol. 45, No. 1-2, pp. 75-93, 
  5. D.Younesian, E.Esmailzadeh, R.Sedaghati, Passive control of vibration of beams subjected to random excitations with peaked PSD, Journal of Vibration and Control, 2006, Vol.12, No.9, pp. 941-953, 
  6. Ghoseiri, K., and Pishdad S., “ Service Quality Measurement in Information Technology Departments ”, journal of Management Knowledge, Autumn 2006, Vol. 19, No. 74.
  7. Ghoseiri, K., and Morshedsolouk F., “ ACS-TS: Train Scheduling Using Ant Colony System ”, Journal of Applied Mathematics and Decision Sciences, Volume 2006, Article ID 95060, 1-28.
  1. D.Younesian, E.Esmailzadeh, R.Sedaghati, Existence of Periodic Solutions for the generalized form of Mathieu Equation, (Journal of) Nonlinear Dynamics, 2005, Vol.39, pp.335-348, 
  2. Hosseini-Tehrani, P., Hosseini-Godarzi, A. R., and, Tavangar, M., “ Importance of inertia term in dynamic crack problems considering Lord-Shulman theory of thermoelasticity ”, J. of Thermal Stresses, 28, (2005)267-283.
  3. Hosseini Tehrani, P., Eslami, M.R., “ Effective stress and temperature distribution at laser interface excited by pulsed laser heating”, IMECKE, J. of strain analysis, Vol. 40 No.5 (2005) 395- 402.
  4. Hosseini-Tehrani, P. , Hosseini-Godarzi, A. R., and, Tavangar, M., “ Importance of inertia term in dynamic crack problems considering coupled theory of thermoelasticity ”, J. of Eng. Analy. With Boundary Elements 29, (2005) 232-240.
  5. M.H. Kargarnovin, B. Mehri, D.Younesian, Response of a Suspended Cable to Narrow-band Random Excitation with Peaked P.S.D., (Journal of) Mathematical and Computer Modeling, 2005, Vol.41, No.11, pp1203-1212, 
  6. M.H. Kargarnovin, D.Younesian, D.J.Thompson, C.J.C. Jones, Ride Comfort of High-Speed Trains Travelling over Railway Bridges, (Journal of) Vehicle System Dynamics, 2005, Vol.43, No.3, pp.173-197, 
  7. M.H. Kargarnovin, D.Younesian, D.J.Thompson, C.J.C. Jones, Response of beams on nonlinear viscoelastic foundations to harmonic moving loads, (Journal of) Computers & Structures, 2005, Vol.83, pp.1865-1877, 
  8. Ghoseiri, K., and Morshedsolouk F., “ An Ant Colony System Heuristic for Train Scheduling Problem ”, Journal of Transportation Research, 2005, 257-270.
  9. Ataei, A.A. Aghakouchak, M.S. Marefat and S. Mohammadzadeh, Sensor fusion of a railway bridge load test using neural networks, Expert Systems with Applications, 2005, Volume 29, Issue 3, Pages 678-683, 
  10. Sh. Ataei, A. Aghakouchak, M.S. Marefat, S. Mohammadzadeh, Fusion of the Neka Bridge with Neural Network, International Conference on Experimental Vibration Analysis For Civil Engineering Structures (EVACES 2005), 2005, Bordeaux, France, 
  1. Hosseini Tehrani, P., Hosseini Godarzi, A.R. “ Dynamic crack analysis under thermal shock considering Lord-shulman theory”, Int. J. of thermal sciences, 43 , (2004) 1003-1010.
  2. M.H. Kargarnovin, D.Younesian, Dynamics of Timoshenko Beams on Pasternak Foundation, (Journal of) Mechanics Research Communication, 2004, Vol.31, No.6, pp.713-723, 
  3. Ahadi, Hamid. R. (2004), “A Comparative Study of the Application of Electronic Data Interchange and Internet Technology to Business Process Reengineering”, Journal of Tsinghua Science and Technology, Vol. 9, No. 4 , pp 489-496.
  4. Ghoseiri, K., Szidarovszky, F., and Asgharpour, M.J., “ A Multi-Objective Train Scheduling: Model and Solution ”, Transportation Science, Part B, Vol. 38 (2004) 927-952.
  5. M.S. Marefat, Sh. Ataei, S. Ghahremani, Load test of a plain concrete arch railway bridge of 20-m span, Construction and Building Materials, 2004, 18(9), pp. 661-667,
  1. Hosseini Tehrani, P., Eslami, M.R., “Boundary element analysis of finite domains under thermal and mechanical shock with the Lord-Shulman theory”, IMECKE, J. of strain analysis. 38, No.1, (2003) 53-64.
  2. Hosseini Tehrani, P., Moghaddam Jahangiri, F., “Three dimensional principal solution for generalized thermo elasticity by boundary element method”, J. of Mechanical engineering. 4, No.1, (2003) 50-59.
  3. osseini Tehrani, P., Eslami, M.R., and ., Shojaee-fard M.H. “ Thermoelastic waves in layer interface induced by pulsed laser heating considering LS model”, J. of Eng. Analy. With Boundary Elements. 27 (2003 ) 863-896.
  4. Ghoseiri, K., Szidarovszky, F., and Asgharpour, M. J., “ A Two-Person Conflict Model in Train Scheduling ”, International Game Theory Review, Vol. 5, No. 2 (2003) 105-125.
  5. Mirabadi A., Schmid F., Mort N., “Multisensor Integration Methods in the Development of a Fault-Tolerant Train Navigation System”, The Journal of Navigation, Cambridge University Press , 2003
  1. M.S. Marefat, Sh. Ataei, S. Ghahremani, Field test of a 20-meter span unreinforced arch bridge, sixth international conference on short and medium span bridges, 2002, Canada, 
  2. Zakeri J. A “Development of railway Networks in Iranian Railways” Journal of rail international, 2002
  3. Dr. ADLPARVAR M.R. and SHABABI M. “The use of precast and prestress concrete elements in construction of Tehran subway “, 17th International congress of precast concrete Industry, BIBM2002, Istanbul, Turkey, 1-4 May, 2002.
  4. Ahadi, Hamid. R. (2002), “Potential of IT application to Business Process Reengineering”, 2002 Asian Forum on Business Education Conference, June 8th- 9th 2002, Beijing, China.
  5. Ahadi, Hamid. R. (2002), “Models and Strategies for Business to Business E-Commerce”, 2002 Asian Forum on Business Education Conference, June 8th- 9th 2002, Beijing, China.
  6. Ahadi, Hamid. R. (2002) “ Intermodal Transportation and Optimum Depot Selection”, Proceedings of 7th International Conference on Application of Advanced Technology in Transportation, August 5-7, 2002, Cambridge, Massachusetts USA .
  7. Ahadi, Hamid. R. (2002) “Intermodal Transportation and Inland Depot Selection”, Proceedings of 2nd International Conference on Traffic and Transportation, July 23-25,2002, Guiling, China.
  8. Ahadi, Hamid. R.,, (2002) “Intermodal Transportation and Container Allocation Management”, Journal of Traffic and Transportation, NJTU.
  1. Hosseini Tehrani, P., Eslami, M.R., daghyani, H.R., “ Dynamic crack analysis under coupled thermoelastic assumption”, Transn. ASME J. of Applied Mech. 68 (2001) 584-588.
  2. Hosseini Tehrani, P., Hector, l.G., Hetnarski, R.B., and Eslami, M.R., “ Boundary element formulation for thermal stresse during pulsed laser heating”, Transn. ASME , J. of Applied Mech. 68 (2001) 480-489.
2000 and before: 
  1.  ADLPARVAR M.R. and ELLIOTT K.S. Composite action in precast concrete edge beams in torsion “, Report No: NUCE/ST/10 – 89 Nottingham University, Feb. 1989.
  2. ADLPARVAR M.R. “The effect of torsion on the precast concrete edge beam and beam – column connections “, FIP symposium, Kyoto, Japan, 1993.
  3. ADLPARVAR M.R. “Torsional behavior of precast concrete edge beams and connections with and without using hollow core slabs “, 15th International congress of precast concrete Industry, BIBM96, Paris, 1996.
  4. Dr. ADLPARVAR M.R. “The effect of torque on the reinforcement of precast concrete beams with and without column connection “, 16th International congress of precast concrete Industry, BIBM99, Venizia May, 25-28, 1996.
  5. Dr. ADLPARVAR M.R. “Effect of torque in reinforcement of precast concrete members “, International symposium on modern concrete & Infrastructures, Beijing, China, NOV.30 – Dec.2.2000.
  6. Dr. ADLPARVAR M.R. “Test results in composite behavior of slab – beam – column connections in precast concrete constructions “, International symposium on modern concrete & Infrastructures, Beijing, China, NOV.30 – Dec.2.2000.
  7. Zakeri J. A., Xia He and Fan Junjie, “Effects of unsupported Sleeper on Dynamic Responses of Railway Track”, Journal of Northern Jiaotong University, 24 (1), 2000, 50-55.
  8. Ahadi, Hamid. R. (2000) “Optimization of Freight Transportation in Iranian Railway”, Proceedings of 1st International Conference on Traffic and Transportation, July 31-August 2, 2000, Beijing, China.
  9. A.Owhadi, Microsegragation of Mn& Si in high Mn ductile iron, Material Science and Technology, October 1997, , 
  10. A.Owhadi, Wear Behavoiur of high Mn ADI, Material Science and Technology Vol(14), February 1998, 
  11. Hosseini Tehrani, P., Eslami, M.R., “Tow- dimensional dynamic coupled thermoelasticity analysis by BEM formulation”, J. of Eng. Analy. With Boundary Elements , 22 (1998) 245-250.
  12. Hosseini Tehrani, P., Eslami, M.R., “ Boundary element analysis of coupled thermoelastic problem with relaxation times in finite domain”, AIAA J ., 38, No. 2, (2000), 534-541.
  13. Hosseini Tehrani, P., Eslami, M.R., “Boundary element analysis of Green and Lindsay theory under thermal and mechanical shock in a finite domain”, J. of thermal Stresses. 23 (2000) 773-792.
  14. Hosseini Tehrani, P., Eslami, M.R., “ BEM analysis of Thermal and mechanical shock in a two-dimensional finite considering coupled thermoelasticity”, J. of Eng. Analy. With Boundary Elements, 24 (2000) 249-257.
  15. Rezvani, M.A., Hahn, E.J., “Limitations of the short bearing approximation in dynamically loaded narrow hydrodynamic bearings”, Transactions of the ASME, Vol 115, July 1993, pp. 544-549.
  16. Rezvani, M.A., “Analysis of non-linear systems with application to squeeze film dampers”, Ph.D thesis, The University of New South Wales, Sydney, 1995.
  17. Rezvani, M.A. and Hahn, E.J., “An experimental evaluation of squeeze film dampers without centralizing springs”, Tribology International, Elsevier, Vol 29, No. 1, 1996, pp. 51-59.
  18. Rezvani, M.A. and Hahn, E.J., “Floating ring squeeze film dampers, Theoretical analysis”, Tribology International, 33: (3-4) 249-258 Mar-Apr 2000.
  19. S.Farshad, Hao Rongtai,”Fundamental research of a novel 3/1 phase converter for electrified rairoad” 1998 International conference on power electronics, Seol, Korea pp. 955-960
  20. S.Farshad, Zeng guohong, Hao Rongtai, “3/1-phase converter for electrified railroad Base on New cascade active filters” The 5th Brazilian power electronic conferences, Brazil, September 1999
  21. S.Farshad, Hao Rongtai, “Fundamental research of a novel 3/1 phase converter for electrified railroad” Journal of Northern Jiaotong university, Vol. 23, No 1 Feb 1999 pp 99-104
  22. Zeng guohong, S.Farshad, Hao Rongtai, “A novel traction power supply system based on 3/1 phase balanced power converter” Electric drive for locomotive magazine, Zhuzhou electric locomotive research institute, China , No 3 May 1999 pp 14-18
  23. S.Farshad, Zeng guohong, Hao Rongtai “Design and performance of the PWM converters based on the quasi-triangular switching strategy” Third International Power Electronics and Motion Control Conference. (IPEMC’2000 Aug. 15-18,2000, Tsinhua university, Beijing China)
  24. S.Farshad, Zeng guohong, Hao Rongtai “A novel 3/1 phase converter for high speed -electrified railway” International Conference on Traffic and Transportation Studies (ICTTS’2000 August 2000, Northern Jiaotong University, Beijing, China)
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