Chemical Reaction Research Laboratory

 Chemical Reaction Research Laboratory

  Directed by: S. M. Alavi (Associate Prof.)

  Joined by: M. Parvari (Assistant Prof.) 

M. R. Moghbeli (Assistant Prof.)

     Chemical reaction engineering research laboratory focuses on a variety of chemical reaction engineering topics. It is concerned with the rate at which chemical reactions take place, together with the developing and optimizing catalysts in the cases of heterogeneous reactions. The research principles which carrying out in this laboratory can be applied in areas such as oil and gas industries, petrochemical processes, waste treatment, and air and water pollutions.

  This research laboratory was established on 1997 and equipped with two cata-test reactor systems, a high pressure slurry bed reactor, three gas chromatographs (GC) which are connected online to the reactor systems, and the apparatus for synthesis and shaping catalysts.

  There are more than 20 industrial supported research project have been carried out in this lab, which ended with 15 published articles in the ISI journals, 30 presented papers in the national and international conferences.

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