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Addresses: School of Mechanical Engineering, Iran University of Science & Technology, Narmak, Tehran, Iran

Zip Code: 16846-13114

Mail Box: 16765-163

Tel : +98(21) 77491228-29

Fax : +98(21) 77240488

Email: meresearch@iust.ac.ir

:: navidbakhsh ::


  Full Name: Dr. Navidbakhsh, Mahdi

  Position: Professor

  Phone: 98-21-77240540-50 Ex:2933

  Fax: 98-21-77240488

  Email: mnavid@iust.ac.ir

  Address: Iran University of Science & Technology, Tehran, IRAN

University Degrees
  • PHD, INPL(ENSEM),Nancy,France,1996
  • MSC, INPL(ENSEM),Nancy,France,1993
  • BSc, Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran, 1989
Fields of Interest
  • Simulation and Modeling in Biological System
  • Biofluid-Mechanics
  • CFD
  • Tissue and Cell Engineering

Publications - Journal Papers

  •  A.Karimi,M.Navidbakhsh,R.Razaghi, "An experimental-finite element analysis on the kinetic energy absorption capacity of polyvinyl alcohol sponge" ,39, 253-258, (2014) 
  •  R.Faturechi,A.Karimi,S.A.Hashemi,M.Navidbakhsh, "Mechanical Characterization of Peritoneum/Fascia Under Uniaxial Loading" , Journal of Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering , Vol.4, No.3,189-193, (2014)
  •   A.Karimi,M.Navidbakhsh, " An experimental study on the mechanical properties of rat brain tissue using different stress–strain definitions" , J Materials Science:   Materials in Medicine , Vol. 25 , 1623-1630, (2014)
  •   A.Karimi,M.Navidbakhsh,H.yousefi,A.M.Haghi,SJA.Sadati, " Experimental and numerical study on the mechanical behavior of rat brain tissue" , Perfusion, Vol. 29,No.4 , 307-314, (2014) 
  •   A.Karimi,M.Navidbakhsh,H.yousefi, " Mechanical properties of polyvinyl alcohol sponge under different strain rates" , Int. J. Mater. Res. , Vol.105, No.4, 404-408, (2014) 
  •   K.Hassani,K.Bajelani,M.Navidbakhsh,D.J.Doyle,F.Taherian," Heart sound segmentation based on homomorphic filtering" , Perfusion, Vol. 29,No.4 , 351-359, (2014) 
  •   A.Karimi,M.Navidbakhsh, " Mechanical properties of PVA material for tissue engineering applications" , Material Technology, 292, 90-100,(2014) 
  •   A.Karimi,M.Navidbakhsh,S.Faghihi, " Measurement of the Mechanical Failure of Polyvinyl Alcohol Sponge Using Biaxial Puncture Test" ,J. Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering , Vol.4, 46-50, (2014) 
  •   A.Karimi,M.Navidbakhsh,M.Haghpanahi, " Constitutive model for numerical analysis of polyvinyl alcohol sponge under different strain rates ", Journal of Thermoplastic Composite Materials, 10p, Published online: 15 Jan, (2014) 
  •   A.Karimi,M.Navidbakhsh,B.Beigzadeh, " A visco-hyperelastic constitutive approach for modeling polyvinylalcohol sponge", Tissue and Cell, Vol. 46 ,97-102, (2014)
  •   A.Karimi,M.Navidbakhsh,A.Shojaei,K.Hassani,S.Faghihi, " Study of plaque vulnerability in coronary artery using mooney-rivlin model: a combination of finite element and experimental method" , Biomedical Engineering: Applications, Basis and Communications, No.1 ,Vol.26 ,7p, (2014) 
  •   A.Karimi,M.Navidbakhsh, " Measurement of the Nonlinear Mechanical Properties of a Polyvinyl Alcohol Sponge under Longitudinal and Circumferential Loading" , J. Applied Polymer Science, 40257,7, (2014)
  • A.Karimi,M.Navidbakhsh,S.Faghihi, " Fabrication and mechanical characterization of a polyvinyl alcohol sponge for tissue engineering" , Perfusion, Vol. 29,No.3 , 231-237 , (2014) 
  •   A.Karimi,M.Navidbakhsh,S.Faghihi, " A comparative study on plaque vulnerability using constitutive equations", Perfusion, Vol. 29,No.2 , 178-183 , (2014) 
  •   M.Abdi,A.Karimi,M.Navidbakhsh,K.Hassani,S.Faghihi, " Modeling of cerebral aneurysm using equivalent electrical circuit Lumped Model" , Perfusion, Vol. 29,No.2, 142-152 , (2014) 
  •  A.Karimi,M.Navidbakhsh,B.Beigzadeh,S.Faghihi," Hyperelastic mechanical behavior of rat brain infected by Plasmodium berghei ANKA –Experimental testing and Constitutive modeling" ,International Journal of Damage Mechanics,15p, Published online: 27 Nov.,(2013) 
  •   A.Karimi,M.Navidbakhsh,A.Shojaei,S.Faghihi, " Measurement of the uniaxial mechanical properties of healthy and atherosclerotic Human coronary arteries" , Materials Science and Engineering C,33, 2550-255,(2013) 
  •   A.Karimi,M.Navidbakhsh,A.M.Haghi,S.Faghihi,"Measurement of the uniaxial Mechanical properties of rat brains Infected by Plasmodium berghei ANKA" ,ProcIMecE-Part H J. Engineering in Medicine, 227(5), 609-614,(2013) 
  •   A.Karimi,M.Navidbakhsh,A.M.Haghi,S.Faghihi, "An innovative shape equation to quantify the morphological Characteristics of parasitized red blood Cells by Plasmodium falciparum and Plasmodium vivax" , ProcIMecE-Part H J. Engineering in Medicine, 227(4), 428-437,(2013) 
  •   A.Karimi,M.Navidbakhsh,S.Faghihi,A.Shojaei,K.Hassani," A finite element investigation on plaque vulnerability in realistic Healthy and atherosclerotic human coronary arteries" ProcIMecE-Part H J. Engineering in Medicine, 227(2), 148-161,(2013) 
  •   H.G.Bahraseman,K.Hassani,M.Navidbakhsh,D.M.Espino,Z.A.Sani,N.Fatourayee," Effect of exercise on blood flow through the aortic valve: a combined clinical and numerical study", Computer Methods in Biomechanics and Biomedical Engineering,14p,(2013) 
  •   H.G.Bahraseman,K.Hassani,A.Khosravi,M.Navidbakhsh,D.M.Espino,D.Kazemi-Saleh,N.Fatourayee, "Estimation of maximum intraventricular pressure: A three-dimensional fluid–structure interaction Model", BioMedical Engineering OnLine,122,(2013) 
  •   S.Maddah,M.Navidbakhsh, Gh.Atefi, "Continuous Model for Dispersion of Discrete Blood Cells With an ALE Formulation of Pulsatile Micropolar Fluid Flow in Flexible Tube" , Journal of Dispersion Science and Technology, 34, 1165-1172 ,(2013)
  •  S.Maddah,Gh.Atefi,M.Navidbakhsh,A.Maroufi,F.Boustani,"Analysis of Pulsatile Blood Flow in an Elastic Artery Using the Cosserat Continuum Mechanical Approach", Journal of Dispersion Science and Technology, 34, 1139-1147,(2013) 
  •   M.Navidbakhsh,M.Rezazadeh,"A computational study of a capsule lateral migration In microchannel flow", ActaMechanicaSinica, 294, 513-525,(2013) 
  •   N.M. Nouri,S. YekaniMotlagh,M. Navidbakhsh,M. Dalilhagh,iA.A. Moltani," Bubble effect on pressure drop reduction in upward pipe flow, Experimental Thermal and Fluid Science, 44, 592-598,(2013) 
  •   M.Navidbakhsh,A.Shirazi,S.Sanaye," Four E analysis and multi-objective optimization of an ice storage system incorporating PCM as the partial cold storage for airconditioning applications" , Applied Thermal Engineering, 58, 30-41,(2013) 
  •   A.Sanati,K.Hassani,M.navidbakhsh,"The effects of implanting different stents on the blood hemodynamic in Coronary arteries" , Biomedical Engineering: Applications, Basis and Communications, No.4, Vol.25,13p,(2013) 
  •   K.Bajelani,M.Navidbakhsh,H.Behnam, J.D.Doyle,K.Hassani ," Detection and identification of first and Second heart sounds using empirical Mode decomposition" , ProcIMecE-Part H, J Engineering in Medicine, 227, 976-987,(2013) 
  •   M.Navidbakhsh,M.Rezazadeh,"An immersed boundary-lattice Boltzmann model for simulation of malaria-infected red blood cell in micro-channel", Scientia Iranica, 19, 1329-1336,(2012)
  • B.A.Hamedani,M.Navidbakhsh,H.A.Tafti," Comparison between mechanical properties of Human saphenous vein and umbilical vein",BioMedical Engineering Online,59, (2012)
  • N. M. Nouri, S. YekaniMotlagh, M. Navidbakhsh, E. Yasari, " Investigation of the convection term discretization schemes for a force-generated ring-vortex", Journal of Mechanics, Vol. 28, No. 4, 13-21, (2012)
  • R.R.Sarbandi, K. Hassani,J.D. Doyle, M.Navidbakhsh," Color spectrographic Phonocardiography for the detection and characterization of pediatric heart murmurs: a case series ", Biomedical Engineering: Applications, Basis and Communications, No.3 Vol.24, 163-274,(2012)
  • N.M. Nouri,S. Yekanimotlagh,E. Yasari,M. Navidbakhsh," Comparison between Explicit Filterings with Smooth and Cutoff Filters in the Large Eddy Simulation of Turbulent Channel Flows" , European Journal of Mechanics B Fluids,30, 505-512,(2011)
  • M.A.Akbari,K.Hassani,J.D.Doyle,M.Navidbakhsh,M.Sangargir,K.Bajelani,Z.S.Ahmadi," Digital subtraction phonocardiography dsp Applied to the detection and characterization of Heart murmurs", BioMedical Engineering Online,109, (2011)
  • R.R.Sarbandi, J.D. Doyle, M.Navidbakhsh, K. Hassani,H. Torabiyan," A color spectrographic phonocardiography CSP Applied to the detection and characterization of Heart murmurs: preliminary results ",BioMedical Engineering Online,42, (2011)
  • H.Mirsaeedghazi,Z.Emam-Djomeh,S.M.Mousavi,M.Navidbakhsh," Modelling the membrane clarification of pomegranate juice With computational fluid dynamics" , Eur Food Res Technol, 233, 671-677,(2011)
  • M.Kalilian,M.Navidbakhsh,M.R.Valojerdi,M.Chizari,P.E.Yazdi," Alteration in the mechanical properties of human ovum zona pellucid following fertilization: Experimental and analytical studies", Experimental Mechanics,5, 175-182,(2011)
  • M.Abdolrazaghi,M.Navidbakhsh,K.Hassani," Mathematical modeling and electrical analog equivalent of the human cardiovascular system", Cardiovasc Eng.,10, 45-51,(2010)
  • H.Mirsaeedghazi,Z.Emam-Djomeh,S.M.Mousavi,A.Aroujalian,M.Navidbakhsh," Clarification of pomegranate juice by microfiltration with PVDF membranes", Desalination, 264, 243-248,(2010)
  • H.Mirsaeedghazi,Z.Emam-Djomeh,S.M.Mousavi,V.Enjileha,M.Navidbakhsh,S.M.Mirhashemi," Mathematical modelling of mass transfer in the concentration Polarisation layer of flat-sheet membranes during clarification of Pomegranate juice", International Journal of Food Science and Technology,45, 2096-2100,(2010)
  • M.Khalilian, M.Navidbakhsh , M.R.Valojerdi, M.Chizari, P.Eftekhari," Estimating Young’s modulus of Zona Pellucida by Micropipette Aspiration in Combination with Theoretical Models of Ovum ", J. R. Soc. Interface 7, 687-694(2010)
  • M.Abdolrazaghi, M.Navidbakhsh, K.Hassani , " Mathematical Modelling Of Intra-Aortic Balloon Pump", Computer Methods in Biomechanics and Biomedical Engineering Vol.13 (5),567-576, (2010)
  • M.Abdolrazaghi, M.Navidbakhsh, K.Hassani , S.Rabbani, H.Ahmadi," Analysis of Intra-Aortic Balloon Pump Model with Ovine Myocardial Infarction (Experimental Data)", The Anatolian Journal of Cardiology 9: 492-8,(2009)
  • H.Mirsaeedghazi, Z.Emam-Djomeh, S.M.Mousavi1, A.Aroujalian, M.Navidbakhsh," Changes in blocking mechanisms during membrane processing of pomegranate juice ", International Journal of Food Science & Technology 44, 2135–2141,(2009)
  • M.Khalilian, M.Navidbakhsh, M.R.Valojerdi, M.Chizari, P.Eftekhari," Study and Characterization of the mechanical properties alteration of the mouse Ovum Zona Pellucida by Micropipette Aspiration technique "(In Farsi) Iranian Journal of Biomedical Engineering Vol.2,No.2,(spring 2008)
  • M.Abdolrazaghi, M.Navidbakhsh, K.Hassani," Abdominal and Thoracic Aortic Aneurysm Modeling", American Journal of Applied Sciences 5(8):1052-1058(2008)
  • M.Navidbakhsh, M.Zaker Bidhandi," Numerical investigation of variations in wall shear stress distributions at the diseased human carotid artery bifurcation" Amirkabir Journal of Science & Technology,Vol.19,No 68, (spring-summer 2008)
  • M.Navidbakhsh, T.Pazira," Study of the implantation of a porous stent to prevent the further growth of the aneurism by lattice Boltzmann method", Amirkabir Journal of Science & Technology,Vol.19 ,No 69, (Autumn-Winter 2008)
  • Kamran Hassani, Mahdi Navidbakhsh, Mostafa Rostami," Modeling of the aorta artery aneurysms and renal artery stenosis" BioMedical Engineering Online (2007)
  • Kamran Hassani, Mahdi Navidbakhsh, Mostafa Rostami," Simulation of aorta artery aneurysms using active electronic circuit" American Journal of Applied Sciences (2007)
  • Kamran Hassani, Mahdi Navidbakhsh, Mostafa Rostami," Simulation of the cardiovascular system using equivalent electronic circuit with active elements" Amirkabir Journal of Science & Technology, Vol.17,No 64(2006)
  • Kamran Hassani, Mahdi Navidbakhsh, Mostafa Rostami," Simulation of the cardiovascular system using equivalent electronic system" Biomedical Papers, Volume 150(1), July 20006, p105(2006)
  • M.Navidbakhsh,F.Farzad," A method for the determination and monitoring patient respiratory parameters in ventilator system"(In Farsi) Amirkabir Journal of Science & Technology,Vol.14,No 54-B(2003)
  • X.Wang, M.Navidbakhsh, P.Wache, M.Lucius, J.F.Stoltz," Ecoulement permanent du sang dans UN aneurisme axisymetrique: Modeles newtoniens et non-newtoniens"(In French) Innovation et Technologie en Biologie et Medecine (ITBM), Vol.19, No1 (1998)
  • X. Wang, M. Navidbakhsh, R. Skalak, S. Chien and S. Usami, "Morphology of bovine aortic endothelial cells in an oscillatory disturbed flow" Arch. Physiol. Biochem. 104 ,581,(1996)

Publications - Conference Proceedings

  • A.Tanbakoosaz, M.Navidbakhsh, " Influence of stent geometric traits on blood flow hydrodynamic parameters" 14th Iraninan Conference on Biomedical Engineering (ICBME2007)
  • M.Abdolrazaghi, M.Navidbakhsh, K.Hassani," Thoracic Aortic Aneurysm Modeling " 14th Iraninan Conference on Biomedical Engineering (ICBME2007)
  • M.H.Korayem, M.Navidbakhsh, Y.Habibyar, M.Hashemi," Artificial Human Gait Generation with Robotic Multi-Segment Model" 14th Iraninan Conference on Biomedical Engineering (ICBME2007)
  • S.Sadeghian, M.Navidbakhsh,R.Molae," Numerical flow analysis in actual model of human coronary" 3rd WSEAS inter. Conf. appl. and theo. mech.,spain(2007)
  • Z.Rahmdel, M.Navidbakhsh , M.Khalilian,"

      Analysis of Non-Newtonian Blood Flow Through Arteries With Double Symmetric Stenosis

    "(In Farsi) The 14th Annual (international) conference of Mechanical Engineering, Tehran-Iran(2006)
  • M.Navidbakhsh, H.M.Vafa,"Diagnosis of ST-elevation according to wavelet and nervous system"The 12th ICBME2005,Singapore,(2005)
  • Z.Asgharpour, M.Navidbakhsh,"Simulation of valvular heart disease in combination of two cases including stenosis and insufficiency"The 12th ICBME2005,Singapore,(2005)
  • Z.Asgharpour, M.Navidbakhsh,"Effects of exercise on circulation with the heart rate fixed"The 12th ICBME2005,Singapore,(2005)
  • M.Navidbakhsh, E.Khormali,"Blood-flow study in systemic pulmonary shunt:application of non-newtonian model"14th IASTED Applied Simulation and Modelling,(2005)
  • M.Navidbakhsh,M.R.Naghavi,"Non-Newtonian behavior of blood flow in 3d-simulated model of carotid artery bifurcation"14th IASTED Applied Simulation and Modelling,(2005)
  • M.Navidbakhsh, M.R.Naghavi," Study on carotid artery bifurcation lesions, using CFD"11th Iraninan Conference on Biomedical Engineering (ICBME2004)
  • M.Navidbakhsh, A.Haddadzadeh "Mathematical modeling of electrolytes exchange across the cell membrane during dialysis"(In Farsi) The 10th Annual (international) conference of Mechanical Engineering(2002)
  • S.Najarian,M.Navidbakhsh,P.Taghva," Design of a ultrafilteration control system for hemodialysis machine"(In Farsi) 9th Iraninan Conference on Biomedical Engineering(ICBME2002)
  • M.Navidbakhsh,M.R.Naghavi,B.Firoozabadi," Settling velocity of spherical particles in capillaries" ICBME2002, Singapore(2002)
  • M.Navidbakhsh,K.Hassani," Hydrodynamic simulation of cardiovascular system and flow analysis in system elements by finite element method" EMBEC'02, Vienna-Austria (2002)
  • M.N varag, M.Navidbakhsh ,"Simulation of the cardiovascular system and study of pressure-volume variation "(In Farsi) 10th Iraninan Conference on Biomedical Engineering (ICBME2001)
  • M.Navidbakhsh ,A,Bagherieh,"Modeling of the McKibben artificial muscle by describing the antagonist working principles"(In Farsi) 10th Iraninan Conference on Biomedical Engineering (ICBME2001)
  • M.Navidbakhsh ,A.Arefmanesh,M.Norooz zadeh,H.R.Moghadam, M,"3-D modeling of keratoplasty by finite element method "(In Farsi) 9th Iraninan Conference on Biomedical Engineering (ICBME2000)
  • M.Navidbakhsh ,N.moazeni,"Heat exchange modeling of the oxygenator by finite element method"(In Farsi) 9th Iraninan Conference on Biomedical Engineering (ICBME2000)
  • M.Navidbakhsh,F.Farzad," Determination and monitoring patient respiratory parameters in ventilator system"(In Farsi) 9th Iraninan Conference on Biomedical Engineering (ICBME2000)
  • M.Navidbakhsh,X.Wang, N.Lucius, J.F.Stoltz," Ecoulement permanent dans un aneurisme axisymetrique: importance des proprietes non-newtoniennes du sang"(In French) XXIeme Congres de la Societe de Biomecanique(1996)


  Courses Taught


  • Lubrication
  • Modeling and Simulation of Biological Systems
  • Biofluid
  • Artificial Organs



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