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Addresses: School of Mechanical Engineering, Iran University of Science & Technology, Narmak, Tehran, Iran

Zip Code: 16846-13114

Mail Box: 16765-163

Tel : +98(21) 77491228-29

Fax : +98(21) 77240488

Email: meresearch@iust.ac.ir

:: mirahmadi ::

  Full Name: Dr. Mirahmadi, Amin

  Position: Associate Professor

  Phone: 98-21-77240540-50 Ex:2916

  Fax: 98-21-77240488

  Email: mirahmadi@iust.ac.ir

  Site:  http://tech.iust.ac.ir 

  Address: Iran University of Science & Technolog

University Degrees



Awards & Honors
  • Distance Controled Electrochemical Jet Machine, Patented in Iran, 2010
  • Electrochemical Jet Turning Machine, Patented in Iran, 2008
  • Hydro / Pneumatic Step Motors,Patented in Iran,2005
  • Rapid Prototyping with Electrical Discharge, Patented in Iran, 2004
  • Rapid Prototyping with Multi Plasma Arcs in Multi Point Simultaneous,Patented in Iran, 2005
  • High Frequency Plasma Aided Rapid Prototyping, Patented in Iran, 2005
  • Rotating Powder Feeding System in Plasma Aided Rapid Prototyping, Patented in Iran, 2004
  • Rapid Prototyping with Helical Rotating Electrode, Patented in Iran, 2004
  • Manufacturing Society prize for the best publication- Tarbit Modares University, Tehran, 2003
  • Discovery of: Mathematical Fundament of: CAM, Mechatronic and Machine Design- Published in: Manufacturing Society Conference [ Existence Algebra]- Amir Kabir Universiy, Tehran, 2001
  • Production of first iranian: Radio Frequency Controlled Locomotiv control system, IUST, Tehran, 1991
  • Production of first iranian: Multi Locomotiv radio frequency controlled Master-Slave Robot control system, IUST, 1992
  • Application of first iranian:Heavy Train Transport System [10 Locomotives, 2100 meter train length,Asiatic Record] , Golgohar Mine to Isfahan, 1993
  • Kharazmi Festival Award for: Multi Locomotive Heavy Train Radio Frequency Control, 1993



Current Research


  • Solid oxide Fuel Cell
  • Electrochemical Jet Machining
  • Hydro/ Pneumatic/ Geared DC Step motors
  • Measurement Systems, 3D Scanner, Telemetry
  • Laser Interferometer/ Doppler/ Holographic Measuring Instruments
  • High Precision Measuring Instruments
  • Magnetic Suspension,Magnetic Machine Elements, Magnetic Transport Vehicle
  • CNC Machine Control Software Development
  • Radio Frequency Controlled Multi Vehicle / Robots
  • Automated Heliostat Collectors,Solar Cooling,Solar Water Recycling


  • Design Engineer in DEMAG Company[Crane, Material Handling Devices,Heavy Tranport Vehicle],Germany,Dortmund
  • Design Engineer in Hamburg Aero Plane Company [Airbus A300 Project], Germany, Hamburg
  • Design Engineer in Sobansky Tools Company { Volkswagen [ V W ] Production Tools, Production Line Machines}-- Germany, West Berlin
  • Scientific Ass. in Technical University of Berlin [Institute for Measurement & Control], Germany, West Berlin
  • Organizer and Design Engineer in Samiran Company [Production of : Chemical Machines,Chemical Reactors], Iran, Tehran


Fields of Interest

Production Technology

  ___metal Powder Technology, metal foam

  ___Hot and Cold metal Forming

  ___Polymeric Part Production

  ___Composite Part Production

  ___CAM, CIM, CNC, FMS Systems

  ___Manufacturing Systems

  Production Automation

  ___Mechatronic,Measurement System, Robotics

  ___Artificial Intelligence

  ___Process Control

  ___Multi Vehicle Control

  Machine Design

  ___Parametric and Auto Design

  ___FEM and Optimization

  ___Magnetic Machine Elements

  ___Machine Tools Design

  Fluid Machinery

  ___Hydraulic and Pneumatic Production Machine

  ___Pumps and Compressors for Aggressive Media

  ___Heat Exchangers for Aggressive Media

  ___Rocket Engine , Gas Turbine

  ___Magnetic Suspended Leak less Gas Centrifuge


  ___Solar Cooling and Water Recycling

  ___Heliostat Power Generation

  ___Plasma Fusion Power Generation

  ___Solid Oxid Fuel Cell


Graduate Theses Supervised
  • Plasma metal Powder Rapid Prototyping, Saedodin,2006, PhD
  • Multi line 3D object Measurement Scanner, Farshchian, 2005,MSc
  • Pneumatic Step Motor Design and Testing, Khoshruzy, 2005, BSc
  • 3D object Scanner Software, Khadivy,Haj Mola Ali,2005,BSc
  • Plasma Rapid Prototyping CNC Software Development, Meamary, 2004,MSc
  • Titanium Hydride metal Foam Production, Fahs, 2004,MSc
  • Design and Production of a Ring Lapping Machine, Karimy, 2004,MSc
  • Design and Testing of Plasma Rapid Prototyping, Shanjany, 2004,BSc
  • FEM Stress Analysis in metal Foam Parts, Ganjian, 2004,BSc
  • Auto Design of Gas Turbine Axial Compressors, Sanago, 2004,BSc
  • Auto Design of Multi Stage Gears, Jusefy, 2004,BSc
  • Auto Design of Centrifugal Pumps, Warche-negad, 2004,BSc
  • Test of metal / Ceramic Powder Injection Technology, Shahrudy, 2003,BSc
  • Test of metal Foam Production Technology, Akbary,2003,BSc
  • Production of Micro Part with Photo Chemical Machining, Nury, 2003,BSc
  • Mechanical Design of Rapid Prototyping Machine, Alymadady, 2003,BSc
  • Laser Diode 3D Line Scanner, Abasi, Sarmadi, 2003,MSc
  • Design of a Motor Driven Hydraulic Chopper Valve, Eslamy, 2002,BSc
  • Design of Ball Supported Gear, Khodaie, 2002, BSc
  • Production of metal / Ceramic Part with Plastic Injection Machine, Khosravi, 2001, MSc
  • CNC Plasma Cutting Machine Software Development, Abasy, 2000, MSc
  • Existence Algebra Application by Process Planning, Faghihy,2000, MSc
  • Shrinkage Inhibition in Plastic Part with Gas Injection, Sarughy, 2000, MSc
  • Design and Testing of an Electro Chemical Machining System, Soltany, 2001, BSc
  • Process and Mechanical Design of Concentrator / Powder Production Line, Mohamady, 2000, BSc
  • Process Calculation and Mechanical Design of Continues Fruit Powder Dryer, Delruz, 1999, BSc
  • Mathematical Body Modeling with Existence Algebra, Zarkany, 1999, BSc
  • Design of a Centrifugal Compressor for Vacuum Drying, Javaherian,1999, BSc
  • Multi metal Powder Alloys Extrusion, Shir-khorshidian, 1999, MSc
  • Streamline Calculation with the FD-Method in Gas Turbine Blades, Bani Mostfa Arab,1999, MSc
  • Thermal Conducting Calculation by Internal Cooled Motor Valve, Farivar, 1998, MSc
  • Mechanical Design of a Sand Preparation Process Machine, Rezaiyan, 1998, BSc
  • Mechanical Design of a Shaping Machine, Rezaiy,Moradian, 1998, BSc
  • High Frequency Surface Hardening, Sharafian, Ardakany, 1997, BSc
  • Coke less Gas Cupola Furnace Design, Moharer, 1997, MSc
  • Magnet Hydro Dynamic Generator Design, Mohseny, 1996, MSc
  • Infrasonic Data Transfer in Gas Pipe, Jusfy, 1996, MSc
  • Industrial Gas Turbine Design, Shokry, 1996, MSc
  • Automatic Mold Machine for Electrolytic Copper Refinery, Ahmadi, 1996, MSc
  • Thermal Stress Analysis of Permanent Copper Die by Index Mold Machine, Jahantigh,1996, MSc
  • Calculation, Design and Testing of Magnet Gears, Kargar,1996, BSc
  • Mechanical Design of Train Steam Generator, Manshury, 1996, BSc
  • Design and Control System Analysis of a Copy Milling Machine,Hoseynpur,1996, BSc
  • Geared Plastic Die Design, Zokaiy,Karajy Fard,1996, BSc
  • Magnet Hydro Dynamic Hg Pump, Mohseny,1996, BSc
  • HAVAC -Design of Wagons, Fareghbal, 1995, BSc
  • Design of an Automatic Part Anodizing Production Line, Firuzy, Yusefy, 1994, BSc
  • Radio Frequency Controlled Steam Generator Wagon, Bakhtiyary,Tajeddiny,1992, BSc
  • Gas Dynamic Calculation of a Transversal Excited CO2 Laser, Musavy, 1992, BSc
  • Design and Testing of an Auto- Heliostat Collector for Power Generation, Fahimy, 1991, BSc
  • Gyro Design and Testing for an Inertial Navigation System, Nematolahy, 1990, BSc
  • Design of Molten Sulfur Centrifugal Pump for Sulfuric Acid Production, Zareiy, 1990, BSc
  • Design and Hydro Dynamic Calculation of a Side Channel Pump, Mirzaiy, 1990, BSc
  • Optimization of Gas Pressure Control Valve, Ahmadian, 1990, BSc
  • Design and Calculation of a High Pressure Centrifugal Pump, Kabiry,1990, BSc
  • Design and Testing of a Magnetic Suspension Model, Javady, 1990, BSc
  • Design and Stress Calculation of a Hydraulic Press, Bateny, Rejaian, 1989, Bsc
  • Design and Dynamical Analysis of a 4-Cylinder Car Engine, Mohebby, 1989, BSc
  • Design and Gas Dynamic Calculation of Chlorine Gas Compressor,Mirfatahy, 1989, BSc
  • Design of a Physical Vapor Deposition Unit, Rasuli, 1988, BSc
  • Design and Testing of a Load Cell, Firuzy, 1987, BSc
  • Capillary Gas Chromatography Software Development ,Hoseynpur,1990, BSc
  • Design of a Silver Battery Production Line, Shojaiy,1990, BSc
  • Design of a Cycloid Polygon Profile Grinding Machine,Kiany,1995, BSc
  • Design of an Electro-Hydraulic Diesel Motor Governor, Kaviany, 1990, BSc


Publications - Journal Papers
  • Verschleiszfreie Magnet Lager-- Scientific Journal :Technische Berichte 6.Band Heft1-- Germany--Th. Gast, A. Mirahmadi, F.E.Wagner
  • Microprozessor als Hilfsmittel bei einer Hochdruck-Waage --Journal : Technisches Messen ,Heft 6-- Germany-- A.Mirahmadi,F E.Wagner
  • Automatishe Kalibrierung- Ein neues Verfahren zur Korrektur systematischer Fehler in Mesz sytemen mit linearer Kennlinie--Journal :Techniches Messen-- Germany--Th. Gast, A.Mirahmadi, F. E.Wagner
  • Moeglichkeiten zur Gestalltung von Waegezellen--Journal : Waegen und Dosieren, Heft 5-- Germany--Th. Gast, A.Mirahmadi, F. E.Wagner
  • Eine gravimetrische Meszeinrichtung fuer die Bestimmung von Stoffwerten unter Hoestdruck und hoher Temperatur--Journal : Chemie Ingenieur Technik,Volume 53 Issue 10 Pages 816-- Th. Gast, A. Mirahmadi, F. E. Wagner--1981
  • Feasibility study of high frequency plasma aided rapid prototyping--Journal of machine tools and manufacture --A. Mirahmadi, S.Sadodin, J.shanjani--2006
  • Temperature distribution analysis with Laplace transformation in Plasma Rapid Prototyping-- Scientific Journal of Aeronautic Engineering--A. Mirahmadi, S. Sadodin, J. Shanjani, 2006
  • Production of a Lapping Machine--Scientific Journal of Society of Mechanical Engineering--A. Mirahmadi, Z. Karimi,R. Ghafuri --2007
  • Low frequency Plasma Rapid prototyping--Scientific Journal of tabriz university--A. Mirahmadi, S. Sadodin, J. Shanjani-- 2007
  • Numerical heat transfer modeling in coated powder-- Numerical Heat Transfer Journal -- A. Mirahmadi, S. Sadodin, J. Shanjani-- 2007
  • Design and Manufacturing Electrochemical Jet Turning Machine and Investigation of its Effective Parameters -- Majlesi Journal of Mechanical Engineering Vol. 2/ No. 2/ February-2009 ISSN: 2008-1421 -- A. Mirahmadi, N. Sharafi
  • Mathematical models for manufacturing using Vudjood algebra -- IMechE Vol. 223 Part B: J. Engineering Manufacture--A. Mirahmadi -- 2009
  • Improvement of plasma-sprayed YSZ electrolytes for solid oxide fuel cells by alumina addition -- J. of Ionics -- A. Mirahmadi M. Pourmalek -- Springer-Verlag 2010
  • A novel method for construction of a point coordinate measuring instrument using ultrasonic waves --IMEKO Journal of Measurement--A. Mirahmadi , A. Mansourzadeh -- 2010
  • Mathemathical models of electrochemical jet machining, j. of Advanced Production Technology, A. Mirahmadi, N. Sharafi --2010


Publications - Conference Proceedings
  • Application of powder injection molding process to manufacturing of Ni-ZrO2 anodes in Solid Oxide Fuel Cells -- DOI:10.1051/epjconf/20100604002 E P J W e b o f C o n f e r e n c e s 6, 04002 (2010) published by EDP Sciences-- A. Mirahmadi M. Rezaee Saraji, 2010
  • Fabrication of solid oxide fuel cell by thermal spray, A. Mirahmadi , P. Jahnshiri,12th EuCheMS International Conference
    on Chemistry and the Environment, 14-17 June 2009 Stockholm University, Stockholm, Sweden
  •   Fuel cell application by combined heat and power generation, Hydrogen and Fuel cell conference in IUST, Tehran, A. Mirahmadi, K. Valphi, 2009

  •   Application of plasma-spray by solid oxide fuel cell, Hydrogen and Fuel cell conference in IUST, Tehran, A. Mirahmadi, K. Valphi, 2009

  •   Fuel reforming by solid oxide fuel cell, Hydrogen and Fuel cell conference in IUST, Tehran, A. Mirahmadi, M. Pourmalek, 2009

  •   Pyrolyse process by solid oxide electrolyte production, Hydrogen and Fuel cell conference in IUST, Tehran, A. Mirahmadi, K. Valphi, 2009

  •   Solid oxide electrolyte production by Nano- powder Type Casing, Hydrogen and Fuel cell conference in IUST, Tehran, A. Mirahmadi, P. Jahanshiri, 2009

  •   Polarisation influence by solid oxide fuel cell, Hydrogen and Fuel cell conference in IUST, Tehran, A. Mirahmadi, S. Khalili , 2009

  • Manufacturing time optimization in additive and removal methods by ACS approch-- Rapid prototyping conference--Portugal-- A.Mirahmadi,S.Sadoddin,J.Shanjani--2006
  • A new rapid prototyping method based on metal powder sintering--- International Conference on Advanced Research-- A. Mirahmadi, S. Saedodin , J. Shanjani--Portugal September 2007
  • Super_saturation drowing-out coating of metal particles for usage in layered manufacturing processes--International Conference on Advanced Research-- A. Mirahmadi, S. Saedoddin, J. Shanjani -- Portugal, September 2007
  • Multi Line Projection 3D Part Scanner-- International Conference of the Society of Manufacturing Engineers--Iran--A.Mirahmadi, A. Farshchian, H. Khadivi--2003
  • Design and Measurement with 3D Laser Diode Line Scanner, 13th Annual (International) Conference on Mechanical Engineering--Iran-- A. Mirahmadi, M. Abasi, B. Sarmadi--2003
  • High Frequancy Plasma Aided Rapid Prototyping , Tehran International Congress on Manufacturing Engineering (Ticme2005),A.Mirahmadi, S. Saedodin, Y.Shanjani
  • Analysis of Conduction Heat Transfer in Spherical Powder Particles by Laplace Transform , 36th Annual Iranian Mathematics Conference Yazd, Iran ,A.Mirahmadi, S. Saedodin, Y.Shanjani M. Seraj
  • Tool Path Preparation in Selective Electrical Discharge Sintering , 13th Annual (International) Conference on Mechanical Engineering,A.Mirahmadi, S. Saedodin, R.Memari
  • Analysis of Infiltration in Post Processing Stage of SEDS, 13th Annual (International) Conference on Mechanical Engineering,A.Mirahmadi, S. Saedodin, Y.Shanjani,
  • Discretization of Heat Transfer PDE and Its Boundary Conditions in Sintering Stage of SEDS In Spherical Coordinates , 35th Annual Iranian Mathematics Conference Ahvaz, Iran ,A.Mirahmadi, S. Saedodin, Y.Shanjani
  • Heat Transfer Analysis in Sintering Stage of Plasma Aided Rapid Prototyping, 35th Annual Iranian Mathematics Conference Ahvaz, Iran ,A.Mirahmadi, S. Saedodin, Y.Shanjani
  • Calculation of Radiation Shape Factors in Plasma Aided Rapid Prototyping , 35th Annual Iranian Mathematics Conference Ahvaz, Iran , A.Mirahmadi, S.Saedodin, Y.Shanjani
  • metal Powder Rapid Prototyping with Selective Electrical Discharge Sintering (Seds) , 12th Annual (International) Conference on Mechanical Engineering,A.Mirahmadi, S.Saedodin, Y.Shanjani
  • Magnet Hydro Dynamic Streamline Compution on a Molten metal MHD- Pump , 8. International Conference of The Society of Mechanical Engineers ,A.Mirahmadi, Mohseni
  • Fundmental of Production and Solidbody Modeling with Existence Algebra , International Conference of Manufacturing Engineers,A.Mirahmadi, A. Zarkani
  • Infrasonic Communication and Information Transmission in the Train Brake Pipe , 3. International Conference of The Society Of Mechanical Engineers ,A.Mirahmadi, T. Jusefy
  • Artificial Intelligence in the Multi Locomotive Control System , International Conference of Railways Organization,A.Mirahmadi, K.Mohmadi,
  • Multi Locomotive Radio Control System , International Conference of Railways Organization,K.Mohmadi, A. Mirahmadi, M. Refan, J.Fariborz
  • Breack Air Leackage in the Multi Locomotive Tracks , International Conference of Railways Organization,A.Mirahmadi
  • Progress in the Development of Balances with Free Magnetic Suspension, IMECO Acta, Udssr, University of Moskau,Th. Gast. , A. Mirahmadi
  • Fehler-Reduction bei Kompensierenden Waegezellen durch selbsttaetige Kalibrierung , IMECO Conference, Germany, University of Braunschweig,Th. Gast, A.Mirhmadi, F.E.Wagner
  • Modelle und Strukturen in Mesz-Informationssystem , Verein Deutsche Ing. Conference,Germany / Frankfurt,Th,Gast A.Mirahmadi
  • Flow Measurment in a Pulsating Flow by a New Automaticaly Controlled Static Plate Flowmeter, IMECO Conference on Flow Measurement of Fluid, Netherlands,Th. Gast, A. Mirahmadi
  • Contribution to the Development of Freely Suspended Top Pan Balances, Thermochemica ACTA ,Netherlands,Amsterdam,Th. Gast , A. Mirahmadi, F. Wagner
  • Fortschritte in der Meszwert-Uebetragung aus einer freischewebend gewogenen Probe, GEFTA / NSTA Symposium, Germany, University of Kiel,Th.Gast, A.Mirahmadi, F.E. Wagner
  • Der Microprozessor als Hilfsmittel zur Loesung Mesz und steuerungs-technischer Aufgaben bei einer Hochdruck-Waage , VDI / VDE, Germany, Frankfurt,Th. Gast, A.Mirahmadi
  • Some New Devices of Freely Suspended Top Pan Balances for Thermo-Gravimetric Measurements , European Symposium on Thermal Analysis, England, University of Sal Ford ,Th. Gast , A. Mirahmadi, F. Wagner


Research Laboratory

  Production Technology Research Center


  CIM Labor

  ___Software Development for Pruduction Machine

  ___Software Development for Measurement Systems

  ___Software Development for Material Handling Machine

  ___Educational and Training in Design Analysis

  Measurement Labor

  ___ Educational and Training in Measurement Systems

  ___Measuring Instrument Development

  ___ Mechatronic Hardware Development

  Machine Tools Control Labor

  ___Educational and Training in CNC Machine Development

  ___Rapid Prototyping Hardware / Software Development

  ___Robots Hardware / Software Development

  ___ Manufacturing Process Development and Testing

  Nano and Composite Material Labor

  ___Educational and Training in Material Science

  ___Plastic and Composite Material Research

  ___Ceramic and metal Particle Research

  Exprimental Workshop

  ___Educational and Training in metal Cutting

  ___Educational and Training in CNC Machining

  ___ Manufacturing Process Development and Testing

  ___Special Index Machine for Production Line

  ___Special Die Production Machines

  CNC Machine Labor

  ___Educational and Training in CNC Machining

  ___CNC Software Development

  Heat Treatment Labor

  ___Educational and Training in metal Heat Treatment

  ___Educational and Training in Powder Technology and Sintering

  ___High Temperature Composite Material Research

  ___Heat Treatment System Development

  ___Hot Isostatic Pressing System Research

  ___Chemical / Physical Vapour Deposition System Research


Courses Taught
  • Hydro Dynamic
  • Machine Tools Design
  • Mechatronic
  • Automation
  • Fluid Dynamic
  • Fundamental of Machine Tools Design
  • Fundamental of Measurement and Control
  • Fundamental of Mechatronic
  • Industrial Production Systems
  • Lubrication
  • Machine Elements
  • Manufacturing Processes
  • Measurements Systems
  • metal Cutting
  • Plastic Processes
  • Static
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