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Addresses: School of Mechanical Engineering, Iran University of Science & Technology, Narmak, Tehran, Iran

Zip Code: 16846-13114

Mail Box: 16765-163

Tel : +98(21) 77491228-29

Fax : +98(21) 77240488

Email: meresearch@iust.ac.ir

:: bisadi ::


  Full Name: Dr. Bisadi, Hosein

  Position: Assistant Professor

  Phone: 98-21-77240540-50 Ex:2925

  Fax: 98-21-77240488

  Email: bisadi@iust.ac.ir

  Address: Iran University of Science & Technology, Tehran, IRAN

University Degrees
  • PHD, School Of Engineering, Tarbiat Modarres Univercity
  • BSC, Iran University of Science and Technology.
  • MSC, Iran University of Science and Technology.


    Fields of Interest
  • Finite Element
  • Machine Design
  • Fracture Mechanics
  • Explosive Forming And Welding Of Sheet Metals


      Publications - Journal Papers

  • Analysis Experimental Study of Explosive Welding and Forming of Inhomogeneous Plates, International Journal of Engineering Science, Vol.17, no.4, 2006, pp.146-160 Iran University of Science & Technology, H. Bisadi , G.h.Liaghat, A.Darvizeh, H.Moslemi naeini .

    Theoretical and Numerical Analysis of Inhomogeneous Plates Affected by Explosive Forming ,Journal of Energetic Materials,Vol.2,No.1,Spring and Summer 2007,pp.59-

      H. Bisadi, H. Mehmannavaz.

    Metal Forming Process by Means of Gas Detonation, Journal of Research and Extension of Energetic Materias,Vol.4,No.2,Autumn and Winter 2008,pp77-85

      Influence of Different Tapered Implants on Stress and Strain Distribution in Bone and Implant: A Finite Element Analysis, Journal of Periodontology & Implant Dentistry

      M. Bagheripoor, H. Bisadi, Effects Of Rolling Parameters On Temperature Distribution In The Hot Rolling Of Aluminum Strips ,Applied Thermal Engineering, 31 (2011) 1556-1565

      H. Bisadi, M. Khaleghi Meybodi, Experimental,numerical,and theoretical analysies of simultaataneus forming-welding of inhomogeneous plates,2011 225:

      Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part C: Journal of Mechanical Engineering Science 2552 originally published online 27 September 2011

      H Rezaei, M H Mirbeik and H Bisadi, Effect of rotational speeds on microstructure and mechanical properties of friction stir-welded aluminium alloy, 7075-T6

      Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part C: Journal of Mechanical Engineering Science 2011 225: 1761 originally published online 21 June 2011

      H R Rezaei Ashtiani, H Bisadi, and M H Parsa, Inhomogeneity of temperature distribution through thickness of the aluminium strip during hot rolling,PI MECH ENG C
    JMEC 225 (2011) 2938-2952.

    H.R,Rezaei Ashtiani , M.H. Parsa , H. Bisadi ,Effects of initial grain size on hot deformation behavior of commercial pure aluminum
    Materials and Design 42 (2012) 478 - 485

    Hosein Bisadi , Mehdi Rezazadeh Mohamadi , Hadi Miyanaji and Maryam Abdoli A Modification on ECAP Process by Incorporating Twist Channel ,Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance 22 (2013) 875-881

    Mahdi Bagheripoor ⇑, Hosein Bisadi , Application of artificial neural networks for the prediction of roll force and roll torque in hot strip rolling process , Applied Mathematical Modelling 37 (2013) 4593-4607

    H.Bisadi , M.Es'haghi , H. Rokni ,M. Ilkhani , Benchmark Solusion For Elevated Transverse Vibrayion Of Annular Reddy Plates , International Journal Of Mechanical Sciences 56 (2012) 35-49

    Rezaei Ashtiani , Parsa , H. Bisadi , Constitutive Equation For Elevated Temperature Flow Behavior Of Commercial Purity Aluminium ,Materials Science and Engineering A 545 (2012) 61-67

    H.Bisadi ,Tavakoli.A ,Tour Sangsaraki.M, The Influences Of Rotational And Welding Speeds On Microstructures And Mechanical Properties Of Friction Stir Welded Al5083 And Commercially Pure Copper Sheets Lap Joints,Materials and Design 43 (2013) 80-88

    H.R.Rezaei Ashtiani,H.Bisadi,Parsa.MH, Influence Of Thermomechanical Parameters On The HOt Deformation Behavior Of Aa1070, Journal Of Engineering Mechanical and Technology,Teransaction of the ASME Volume: 136 Issue: 1 Article number:011004 (2014)

    S.Shahraki,S.Khorasani,Y.Fotohi,H. Bisadi,Producing Of Aa5083/zro2 Nanocomposite By Frition Stir Processing(FSP),Metallurgical and Materials Transactions B: Process Metalluegy and Materials Processing Science (2013) Volum:44 Issue:6 Pages: 1546-1553

      Y. Fotoohia, S. Rasaeea*, A. Askarib and H. Bisadia,Effect of transverse speed of the tool on microstructure and mechanical

      properties in dissimilar butt friction stir welding of al5083–copper sheets, Engineering Solid Mechanics 2 (2014) ***-***

      H. Bisadi, S. Rasaee, M. Farahmand, Thermal Analysis of Plunge Stage in Friction Stir Welding: Simulation and Experiment, International Journal of Basic Sciences & Applied Research. Vol., 2 (11), 968-975, 2013

      Available online at http://www.isicenter.org

     Mohsen Motahari Nezhad, Saeed Shahraki, Hosein Bisadi و   NUMERICAL INVESTIGATION OF TURBULENT HEAT TRANSFER IN A  SUDDEN-EXPANSION FLUID FLOW , Indian Journal of Scientific Research.1(2) :47-53,2014

    H. Bisadi, Asghar Abasi,Fabrication of Al7075/TiB2 Surface Composite Via Friction Stir Processing, American Journal of Materials Science 2011; 1(1): 1-4

    DOI: 10.5923/j. materials.20110101.01

    H. Bisadi, M. Tour, A. Tavakoli, The Influence of Process Parameters on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Friction Stir Welded Al 5083 alloy Lap joint,American Journal of Materials Science 2011; 1(1): 1-5,DOI: 10.5923/j. materials.20110101.01

    E. Zeynali ,H. Bisadi , Comparing Plastic Deformations Produced by HPT and ECAP Processes Using the Finite Element Analysis Method ,International Journal of Mechanics and Applications 2012, 2(1): 20-24 DOI: 10.5923/j.mechanics.20120201.04 


  •   Conference Attendance

    1. Analysis of dynamic loading in plates by high strain rate,10thAnnual(International)Conference of Mechanical Engineering,ISME2002
    2. Experimental Study of Explosive Welding and Forming of Inhomogeneous Plates, 13thAnnual(International)Conference of Mechanical Engineering,ISME2005,Mav 17-19,IUT,Isfahan,Iran
    5. Experimental and Numerical study of steel plates under a mixture of H2 +O2 Detenation, 10th INTERNATIONAL COMBUSTION SYMPOSIUM, 2008 ,Sakarya TURKEY
    6. Aluminum Dome-shape bowls Production by Gas detonation in die-less forming,4th National Conference of Metals Metals and Materials Forming MATFORM`87 ,sharif University of Technology 3-4 Dec. 2008-Tehran,Iran
    7. Gas Detonation forming by a mixture of H2+O2 detonation, WCSET 2009 AMSTERDAM, September 23-25, 2009 Amsterdam
    8. Finite element simulation of copper T-branch bulge forming using a solid bulging medium, International Conference on Automotive and Mechanical Engineering,Oslo 2009 ICAME 2009
    9. Simulation of Temperature Distribution Inhomogeneity in Aluminium Alloy During Hot Rolling, 1st International Conference on Modelling and Simulations, July 12th-26th - 2010
    10. Modelling of Microstractural Evolution During the Hot Rolling of Aluminum Alloy, 1st International Conference on Modelling and Simulations, July 12th-26th - 2010
    11. H. Bisadi, M. Sajed, S. Sattari, Numerical analyze of Heat Propagation on Friction Stir Spot Welding of aluminum alloys,

      1st Regional Conference on Mechanical Engineering-mcliau2011,11 Dec, 2011,Lahijan Islamic Azad university, Lahijan , Iran

    12. H. Bisadi, M. Sajed 

      and S. Sattari,Effect of welding parameters on microstructure and mechanical propertiesof friction stir spot welded 6063 aluminum alloy,rd International Conference on Manufacturing Engineering,ICME2011, Tehran, Iran, 27-29 December 2011
    13. H. Bisadi, M. Sajed,  and S. Sattari, Effect of welding parameters on microstructure and mechanical properties of friction stir spot welded dissimilar aluminum alloys, 3rd International Conference on Manufacturing Engineering, ICME2011, Tehran, Iran ,27-29 December 2011

    14. H.Bisadi, S.Sattari2, M.sajed, Mechanical properties of ultra-thin friction stir welded sheets of AA5083,  1st Regional Conference on Mechanical Engineering-mcliau2011 , 11 Dec, 2011,Lahijan Islamic Azad university, Lahijan , Iran

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