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:: Dr.mirzakuchaki ::


 Full Name: Dr. Ayatoollahi

 Position:    Professor

 Phone:    98-021-77240487

 Fax:        98-021-77240486

   Email: Ayatollahi (AT) iust.ac.ir


Education  Work Experience  *  Teaching Experience

Journal Papers *  Conference Papers *   Projects  *  Honors and Awards 

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B.S.c. 1972-1976, Electronic Engineering, Iran University of Science & Technology

M.S.c. 1984-1985, Instrumentation, University of Manchester Institute of Science & Technology (UMIST), England.
Dissertation topic: A high current high frequency generator for galvano-magnetic devices

Ph.D. 1 985-1989, Medical Instrumentation, University of Manchester Institute of Science & Technology (UMIST), England.
Thesis topic: A three channel pulsed Doppler ultrasound Instrument for skin blood flow measurement


Work Experience

Academic career history


Pulse technique

* Electronic 2

* BioInstruments

* اولتراسوند

Electronic laboratories


Pulse technique


Designing the VLSI circuits

Designing linear integrated circuits

semiconductor Devices 2

Designing advanced digital integrated circuits


design of advanced VLSI circuits

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Journal Papers

 A Zero-Pole Reposition Based, 0.95-mW, 68-bB, Linear-in-dB, Constant-Bandwidth Variable Gain Amplifier Europe 2014
 A high CMRR, class AB, fully differential current output stage Europe 2014
 An efficient neuralnetworkbasedmethodformedical imagesegmentation Europe 2014
 Pose invariant face recognition using biological inspired features based on ensemble of classifiers Europe 2013
 A novel 0.5 V, high current drive, and rail to rail current operational amplifier Europe 2012
 Design a 10-bit 100 MHz pipelined ADC using RB-OTA in 90 nm CMOS technology Japan 2012

 Modeling and Current Programmed Control of a Bidirectional Full Bridge DC-DC Converter USA 2012
 A new hybrid particle swarm optimization for multimodal brain image registration USA 2012
 New Feedback Architecture for VCO-Based Delta-Sigma ADCs Utilizing Phase Shifter china 2012
 Automatically Identification and Classification of Moving Vehicles at Night, IJCSI International Journal of Computer Science Issues 2012
 Robust genetic programming-based detection of atrial fibrillation using RR intervals Europe 2012

 CMOL implementation of spiking neurons and spike-timing dependent plasticity Uk 2011
 A Novel 0.5V Ultra High Current Drive and Output Voltage Headroom Current Output Stage with Very High Output Impeadance iran 2011
 Design and Implementation of A CMOS Tunable Phase Shifter Canada 2011
 Very Low Power, Low Voltage, High Accuracy, and High Performance Current Mirror chaina 2011
 Noise Smoothing for GPS Receivers Positioning Data using Wavelet Transform Europe 2011
 Design and Simulation of Doherty Power Amplifier For WCDMA Applications Canada 2011
 Object Tracking in Video Sequence Using Background Modeling AUSTRALIA 2011
 Automated Detection of Epileptic Seizures Using Mixed-Methodology: Wavelet-Chaos-KNN Classifier-Mutual Information Poland 2011
 Medical Ultrasound Image Segmentation Using Genetic Active Contour USA 2011
 Statistical analysis of epileptic activities based on Histogram and Wavelet-Spectral Entropy USA 2011
 Medical Ultrasound Image Segmentation by Modified Iocal Histogram Range Image Method USA 2010
 A Wavelet- approximate entropy method for epileptic activity detection from EEG and its Sub-Bands USA 2010
 Towards automatic detection of atrial fibrillation: A hybrid computational approch Europe 2010
 A Low Voltage Low Power Two Stage Amplifier for Switched Capacitor Application in 90 nm CMOSrocess Iran 2010
 Efficient Hybrid CMOS-Nano Circuit Design for Spiking Neurons and Memristive Synapses with STDP Japan 2010
 Noise Power Spectrum Estimation Using Constrained Variance Spectral Smooting and minima tracking Europe 2009
 A New CMOS All-Pass Phase Shifter for Phased Array Systems Japan 2009
 STDP Implementation Using Memristive Nanodevice in CMOS-Nano Neuromorphic Networks Japan 2009
 Conditional spectral moments in matching persuit based on the chirplet elementary function Europe 2008
 A survey on linear relation between main electrical components during action potenatial in ventricular cell Europe 2007
 A modified Zeeman model for producing HRV signals and its application to ECG signal generation Europe 2007
 Identification of two main independent components of fibrillating heart muscle Iran 2006
 A Comperehensive model using modified zeeman model for generating ECG signals  Iran 2005
 On conditional spectral momrnts of Gaussian and damped sinudoidal atoms in adaptive dignal decomposition Europe 2005
 Modifying the Cosine Model for Nonstationary Blood Flow Signal Simulation USA 2003


conference Papers       
 Heuristic Search for Maximum of Mutual Information 2011

2011 Genetic Snake for Medical Ultrasound Image Segmentation 

 Automatic Atrial Fibrillation Detection Using Autoregressive Modeling 2011
 The Novel Approach for 3D Face RecognitionUsing Simple Preprocessing Method
 S. Ghofrani, MR, Jahed Motlagh, A.Ayatollahi, "An Adaptive Speckle Suppression Filter Based on Nakagami
 Segmentation of Medical Ultrasound Image Based on Local Histogram Range Image 2010
 New Approach in Transform-Based Speaker Adaptation Using Minimum Classification Error 2010
 Spectral Entropy for Epileptic Seizures Detection 2010
 Evolutionary Eigenvoice MLLR Speaker Adaptation 2010
 EEG Analysis Based on Wavelet-Spectral Entropy for Epileptic Seizures Detection 2010
 A Low Voltage CMOS Analog Multiplier With High Linearity 2009
 Implementation of Biologically Plausible Spiking Neural Network Models on the Memristor Crossbar-Based CMOS/Nano Circuits 2009
 An Objective Measure The Musical Noise Assessment in Noise Reduction Systems 2009
 An Arrhythmia Classification Method Based on Selected Features of Heart Rate Variability Signal and Support Vector Machine-Based Classifier 2009
 Automatic Obtaining of Left Ventricular Area and Analyzing the Area Changes 2009
 Automatic Counting of Leukocytes in Giemsa-Stained Images of Peripheral Blood Smear 2009
 Effect of Switch Resistance on Comparator- Based Switched- Capacitor Circuits 2009
 Estimation of Changes in Left Ventricular Wall Thichness in Full Short Axis CMRI to Diagnosis Myocardium Infarctions 2009
 Fir Digital Filters Design: Particle Swarm Optimization Utillizing LMS and Minimax Strategies 2009
 Classification of Cardiac Arrhythmias Using PNN Neural Network Based on ECG Feature Extraction 2009
  A Comparative Approach Fir Filters Design Using Population- Based Algorithms 2008
 Comparison of Using Different Types Types of Wavelet or FFT for de-nosing of Body Surface Potential Signals 2008
 Investigating the Linearity of Mosfet-Only Switched- Capacitor  Modulators Under Low-Voltage Condition 2008
 Linearity Enhancement in a Low-Voltage MOSFET-Only Switched-Opamp Modulator 2008
 Modified Caen – Bist Algorithm For Better Utilization of Nanofabrics 2008
 A Comparator-Based Switched- Capacitor Integrator Using A New Charge Control Circuit 2008
 Automatic Segmentation of Left Ventricular Myocardium Tissue in Series of Full Short Axis MRI 2008
 Noise Power Spectrum estimation using time variant spectral smoothing and low delay minima tracking 2007
 Investigation Different Circuit Styles for digital circuits using organic transistors 2007
 Frequency Synthesizer Setting Time and Phase Noise Issues For WLAN Transceiver Application in IEEE 802/11n standard 2007
 Comparing higher Order Statistics of Three ICA Methods In Wavelets-based Single _ Channel Fetal ECG Extraction 2006
 Baseline Wandering Removal by Using Independent Component Analysis to Single- Channel ECG data 2006
 Estimation of Instantaneous frequency and Instantaneous Bandwidth via Adaptive Signal Decomposition 2006
 ANovel CCII Based Differential SC Resonator 2005
 A Low Power, High SFDR, ROM-Less Direct Digital frequency Synthesizer 2005
 On The Relation of The Independent Components of Fibrillation to Ionic Currents in The Atrial Muscle Cell 2005
 ANoninvasive Method for Identification of Independent Components of Fibrillation in the Heart Muscle Cell 2005
 A Novel Current – Conveyor – based Switched – Capacitor Integrator 2005
 Weighted Average Instantaneous Frequency Based on Adaptive Signal Decomposition 2005
 A New Nonlinear Model for Generating RR Tachograms 2004
 A Nonlinear Signal Processing Approach to Model Heart Rate Variability 2004
 A Nonlinear Model using Neural Networks for Generating Electrocardiogram Signals 2004
 On Even higher- Order Moments Based On Matching Pursuit Decomposition 2004
 Comparing Guassian and Chirplet Dictionaries for Time- Frequency Analysis using Matching Pursuit Decomposition 2003
 Differential Quartet, A Novel Circuit Building Block for High Slew Rate Differential Amplification 2003
 Instantaneous Frequency Estimation via Conditional Spectral Moments amd Matching Pursuit Decomposition 2003
 Implementing a Flexible Algorithm for Matching Pursuit Decomposition Based on the Gaussian and Damped Sinusoids Dictionaries 2003
 Performance Region of Center Affine filter for Eliminating of Interference Terms of Discrete Wigner Distribution 2003
 A Comparison of Different time – Frequency Atoms in Both Ambiguity and Time- Frequency Domains 2003
 A.Ayatollahi, A.Hagihashemi, "Design of and Electronic Control Unit, ECU, for Antilock Braking System (ABS)", The 9th Iranian Conference on Electrical Engineering, ICEEE 2001, Iran.
  Distribution", International Conference on trends in Communication, IEEE Region 8, EUROCON 2001.

  A.Ayatollahi, G.H.Lahiji, A.Hasazadeh, "Integration of the Receiver End of an Ultrasound Phased Array Transducer", International Journal of Engineering Science, Iran University of Science and Technology Publication, no4, Vol 12, 2000.

  A.Ayatollahi, V.T.Vakili and A.Shahmirzai, "Estimation of Brain Potential from Recorded Scalp Potentials Using Dipole Localization Method", International Journal of Engineering Science, Iran University of Science and Technology Publication, no 4.,Vol ll, 2000.





Honors and Awards

third place of the scientific development of the khatam festival

list of iranian medical engineering conference in iran

Books Published

 Biomedical Environmental sensing ،  River publishers 

A.Hajirassouliha, M.Hossein Doostmohammadi, M.Amoon, A.Ayatollahi, A.Sadr

Digital Integrated Circuits

translation of the escalation book

Translation of magnetic circuits

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