Much of the way we live depends on concrete. Our houses, roads, cities and underground support systems are all structured from this uncommonly common material. This concrete infrastructure is gradually crumbling. It will be required in the following years to produce even more cement and concrete structures. More importantly, the need for stronger and more durable cement-based materials has never been more critical.
Cement Research Center (CRC) was founded to address this major need. We are scientists and engineers from IUST and our mission is to improve and enhance the performance of vital construction materials. By focusing on research, education, and technology transfer, CRC has contributed major advances in the knowledge of cement and concrete materials and their behavior.
CRC holds seminars, workshops and conferences in which the research results are communicated in-depth through direct interaction between participants and the experts who have produced the results. The program covers process and concrete oriented issues of high concern for the cement industry. Some seminars are of specific interest for cement producers while others provide information of more importance for cement associations.
Whether you are a student considering a graduate program, a scientist or manager in industry seeking answers to a difficult problem, a government or academic scientist desiring new knowledge, or a member of an organization whose concerns intersect with those of the CRC, I welcome you to consider a mutually rewarding involvement in:

  • improving safety of products,
  • reaching economies of scale,
  • removal of technical barriers,
  • ecological friendly production, and
  • contribution to sustainable development.

AWT IMAGE Dr. Ali Allahverdi
Director, Cement Research Center Director


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