University & Industry Cooperation

University & Industry Cooperation

In accordance with its education, research and public service mission, IUST seeks to commercialize the results of its research to benefit the public. Scientific, Industrial & Technological Cooperation (SITC) office expands the research and technological capabilities of both sectors and facilitates commercial application of useful research findings.
SITC is responsible for negotiating contracts and grants with industrial partners. It provides leadership for all campus research relationships with industry. They work to enhance cooperation between the campus and industry and to ensure the optimal and appropriate transfer of intellectual property generated by IUST researchers into products and procedures enhancing private enterprise and public benefit. Its goal is to maximize the benefits of IUST research to the economy and quality of life in the nation.


Affiliated Industry
IUST is an identifiable point of contact for companies seeking partners for collaborative research and advice on licensing and other commercial opportunities. Here is a list of premier industries affiliated with IUST:


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