How to Borrow

How to Borrow Materials from IUST Libraries for non-IUST students

 Services are also offered to non-members under a variety of schemes. Some of the schemes offer reciprocal borrowing arrangements with other higher education institutions. We are also part of Al-Ghadir project, which allows students from many other universities enjoy our library.

 Students registered at other universities can use their Al-Ghadir card to access the IUST library for reference purposes. Academic staff and faculties may be eligible to join and borrow from the university library.

 Members of the public or of organizations that do not fall into any IUST user categories may apply to use the library as external or corporate borrowers.

  · The annual subscription fee is ??? and applications should be made to the head of user services.

  · Commercial companies and organizations can apply for corporate membership. A contact person must be designated to be responsible for all material borrowed on the corporate membership card.

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