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Education Material
1. Maintaining minimum 12 and maximum 20 credits (for all students) and minimum 10 credits for Shahed (children`s of Martryers) and Isargar (Sacrificed) students and maximum 14 credits (for provisional registered students) is necessary for registration, and in case of ignoring, the consequences will be met by the student. The students who have only 12 credits left, should register for whole credits at once, in case of ignoring (i.e. registration for less credits permitted) the semester will be excluded.
2- The students who register for training course should notice that the training course is counted as 3 credits in counting the maximum credits in each semester or summer classes, but it is not counted in the total Bachelar credits (i.e. 142 credits)
3- Those students are permitted to register for (maximum) 24 credits in a semester whose total left credits including project and training courses are maximum 24 credits and will be graduated definitely at the end of that semester. The provisional registered students who have 24 credits left in the final semester and have provisionally registered in the previous semester, can register for the whole 24 credits, with consider to their graduation, otherwise maintaing the permitted credits (maximum 14 credits) is necessary.
Note1: all students who benefit the final semester advantages (such as registration for more than 20 credits, registration in interfered couses,?) under no circumstances will be permitted to register for the new courses in the following semester.
4- the students who gain an average of 17 in each semester are permitted to register for 24 credits in the following semester.
5. Prerequisites should be considered in registration and gaining F in each prerequisite course prevents from registration for the following course. The educational council regards the ?programs and curricula approved by the programming supreme council? as the recognition base for prerequisites. If ignoring prerequisites take place for the first time, the relevant course will be recorded as deprived zero, and if it has taken place more in previous semesters, the case of student?s semester suspension will be referred to the competent authorities. Gaining F in a certain course during one or two semesters does not permit to ignoring the prerequisites. So the passing score should be gained in the course and ignoring prerequisites are not permitted. This will be checked during the student?s studies, or ultimately in the time of graduation and those who infringed this, will be treated according to the relevant rules.
Note: for the courses that have been registered for without considering the prerequisites, if the student has passed the prerequisite before, the scores be recorded, otherwise the passing score of the course will be excluded.
6- The students should pass all the prerequisites for the project and then register for it according to the educational criteria.
7- The students are permitted to register for one course of the Islamic studies courses groups, along with the Persian literature, with consider to the prerequisites. It is obvious that the students of the final semester are exempted from this. (the course of life techniques and family- planning are not included in the Islamic studies courses groups). The prerequisites for the Islamic studies courses are as follows:
Islamic studies I is prerequisite for Islamic studies II
Studies of Islamic Texts is prerequisite for Theology
History of Islam is prerequisite for the Islamic Revolution roots
Note: the course Physical Education I is prerequisite for the course Physical Education II, and the English general course is prerequisite for the English for specific purposes for civil Engineering students.
8- The students who fail in each of the compulsory courses should repeat it as soon as possible but if they fail in an optional course, they can register for another optional course included in the approved optional courses list instead.
9- Those students who had to pass the pre-university courses, and have not passed the courses yet, should register for these courses, otherwise their semester registration will be suspended. A semester will be added to the maximum study period for those students who have passed at least 8 credits from pre-university course. [the scores for these course will be recorded in the student?s report and will be counted in the grade average point at the end of the semester, and also at the total grade average points, and also are effective in the student?s educational statues-passed, failed, and provisional registration.]
10- The classes? time interference is not accepted at any circumstances, except for the students who will be graduated at that semester (maximum 2 hours class interference). The students should notice the examinations program at the time of registration, since the exams? time interference will not be accepted even for the graduating students.
11- only upon the issuance of permission by the Office of Education at the university, those students are permitted to take part in the graduation examination, who: have passed their training and all their courses (except for the course that they are requesting for their graduation exam) and have failed in one course except for the practical, basic science and general courses; all their scores including for the project and training courses have been
announced to the office of education before holding of the graduation exams; and have registered in the relevant semester.
Note1: If the student does not acquire the accepted score in the graduation exam, he/she should register for the requested course in the following semester, and if he/she has completed the maximum permitted years of study, the decision for this will be referred to the supreme committee of the University.
12. The students are permitted for urgent exclusion of only one of their theoretical courses, with at least 12 credits remained. Shahed (children of the martyrs) students are permitted for urgent exclusion of 2 courses, with at least 10 credits remained. The course instructor?s signature is required for the student?s not being deprived.
Note 1: practical courses such as laboratory, workshop, topography, drawing project, architectural design, technical drawing, physical education, ? under no circumstances are permitted to be excluded.
13. for those students who will be graduated at the end of each semester, necessary checking?s will be made concerning the maximum credits permitted, credit adoptions, the general and basic science credits, optional and compulsory credits, ? by the Department?s educational service section. The students who register as graduating student are not permitted for urgent excluding of credits.
14. Every student can apply for exclusion with medical attestation, according to the educational criteria, twice during his/her study.
Note 1: The confirmation of the course instructor is required for the student?s not being deprived.
Note2: according to the approvments of the educational council supreme committee, the medical attestation from other cities is not accepted, and the medical attestation from the hospital emergency unit is not also accepted.
Note3: the application for exclusion with medical attestation will not be accepted for those students who have more than one exam in a certain day and do not participle in one, because of medical excuses, but participate in other(s) in that day.
15. Repeated delayed registration will result in reducing the credits to 14, and if it repeats otherwise, the student will not be registered in that semester and the semester is considered as leave and will be counted in the maximum study duration.
Note1: If the student completed the maximum permitted years of study, the case will be referred to the supreme committee of the university for decision making.
16. The student?s presence is necessary for all sessions of each course. The students absence hours in each course should not exceed 3/16 of total hours of that course, otherwise the score for that course will be considered as zero [each theoretical credit includes 16 hours, each practical credit (or laboratory) includes 32 hours, and each workshop credit (or field operation) includes 48 hours in each academic semester]
[If the instructor records F for a student at a course in the score list and announce it to the Office of Education, the course will not be excluded at any circumstances].
Absence in the starting two weeks of each course, because of course adding and excluding or any other reason, is not permitted and if it takes place the absence hours will be considered as part of the 3/16 permitted absence hours.
17 All students should register for the service courses (general or basic science) in their specific groups. Therefore in the week program the groups for female students is specified by the letter (Kh) and the groups for male students is specified by letter(B) . The common groups for male and female students do not have any specification letter
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