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School of Civil Engineering
:: Dr. Amini, Freidon ::

Fereidoun Amini




Program Area:

Structural Engineering


(+98-21) 77240332 Ex: 8109


(+98-21) 77240398


famini AT iust.ac.ir

Address: Iran University of Science and Technology, Narmak, Tehran 16846, Iran



Polytechnic Institute of New York, U.S.A.

M.S. Structure

Polytechnic Institute of New York, U.S.A.

M.S. Civil Eng

Tehran University , Iran


Tehran University, Iran

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  • Head of Technical Engineering Department, Manna Construction an Consulting Engineering Company, Iran, 1974 – 1975.

  • Head of Structural Department , IUST, 1985, 1992.

  • Head of Concrete Comettee for Iranian Code, Iran, 1985 – 1995.

Teaching Experiences

  • Assistant Professor, Cooper :::::::::::union::::::::::: Ins. of Tech. , New York, U.S.A. , Since 1982 to 1985.

  • Professor, Faculty of Civil Engineering , Iran University of Science and Technology, Since 1985

Journal Papers

1. Amini, F. , Khanmohammadi Hazaveh, N. and Abdolahi Rad, A. , “Wavelet PSO-Based LQR Algorithm for Optimal Structural Control Using Active Tuned Mass Dampers”, Computer-Aided Civil and Infrastructure Engineering; 2013 00: 1-16. (IF=4.46)

2. Amini, F. and Ghaderi, P. , “Seismic motion control of structures: A developed adaptive backstepping approach”, Computers and Structures; 2013 114-115: 18-25. (IF=1.509)

3. Amini, F. and Ghaderi, P. , “Hybridization of Harmony Search and Ant Colony Optimization for optimal locating of structural dampers”, Applied Soft Computing; 2013 13: 2272-2280. (IF=2.140)

4. Bagheri, A. and Amini, F. , “Control of structures under uniform hazard earthquake excitation via wavelet analysis and pattern search method”, Struct. Control Health Monit.; 2013 20(5): 671-685. (IF=1.544)

5. Amin Afshar, M. and Amini, F. , “Non-linear dynamics of asymmetric structures under 2:2:1 resonance”, International Journal of Non-Linear Mechanics; 2012 47: 823-835. (IF=1.345)

6. Karami, K. and Amini, F. , “Decreasing the damage in smart structures using integrated online DDA/ISMP and semi-active control”, SMART MATER STRUCT; 2012 21(10): 105017. (IF=2.024)

7. Amini, F. and Karami, K. , “Damage detection algorithm based on identified system Markov parameters (DDA/ISMP) in building structures with limited sensors”, SMART MATER STRUCT; 2012 21(5): 055010. (IF=2.024)

8. Amini, F. and Ghaderi, P. , “Optimal locations for MR dampers in civil structures using improved Ant Colony Algorithm”, Optimal Control Applications and Methods; 2012 33(02): 232-248. (IF=1.062)

9. Amini, F. and Karami, K. , “Capacity design by developed pole placement structural control”, Structural Engineering and Mechanics; 2011 39(01): 147-168. (IF=0.766)

10. Amini, F. and Amin Afshar, M. , “Saturation in asymmetric structures under internal resonance”, Acta Mechanica; 2011 221(03): 353-368. (IF=1.247)

11. Amini, F. and Shadlou, M. , “Embedment effects of flexible foundations on control of structures”, Soil Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering; 2011 31: 1081-1093. (IF=1.276)

12. Amini, F. and Doroudi, R. , “Control of a building complex with Magneto-Rheological Dampers and Tuned Mass Damper”, Structural Engineering and Mechanics; 2010 36(02): 181-195. (IF=0.766)

13. Amini, F. and Shahidzadeh, M.S. , “Damage Detection Using a New Regularization Method with Variable Parameter”, Arch. Appl. Mech.; 2009. (IF=0.95)

14. Amini,F. , Maleki,A. and Danesh,F. , “Optimisation of Active Control of Structures by Pole Assigenment Method Using Genetic Algorithm”, ICASTOR Journal of Engineering ; 2009 31(02): 19-42.

15. Eslami, S.H. and Amini,F. , “Dynamic Stress Intensity Factors due to Scattering of Harmonic waves by a Crack in an Infinite Medium”, Fatigue & Fracture of Engineering Material & Structures ; 2008 31: 918-927. (IF=0.861)

16. Amini,F. and Afshar,M.A. , “Modified Predictive Optimal Linear Control of Structures in Seismic Region”, Iranian Journal of Science & Technology, Transaction B, Engineeering ; 2008 32(B2): 91-106. (IF=0.719)

17. Amini,F. and Vahdani,R. , “Fuzzy Optimal Control of Uncertain Dynamic Characteristics in Tall Buildings Subjected to Seismic Excitation”, Journal of Vibration and Control; 2008 14(12):1834-1867. (IF=1.0)

18. Amini, F. and Vahdani, R. , “Modern Control Design of Seismically Excited Tall Buildings with Uncertain Dynamic Characteristics”, International Journal of Civil Engineering; 2007 5(3): 198-209. (IF=0.695)

19. Amini,F. and Karagah,H. , “Optimal Placement of Semi Active Dampers by Pole Assignment Method”, Iranian Journal of Science & Technology, Transaction B, Engineeering ; 2006 30(B1) :31-41. (IF=0.719)

20. Amini,F. and Tavasoli, M.R. , “Opitimal Structural Active Control Force, Number and Placement of Controllers”, Engineering Structures; 2005 27:1306-1316. (IF=1.713)

21. Amini,F. and Khodaei,J. , “Ductility and Response Modification Factor of Ordinary Moment Resistant Frames with Added Damping and Stiffness (ADAS) Elements By Nonlinear Static Analysis and Capacity Spectrum Method”, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ENGINEERING SCIENCE ; 2004 15(01): 15-25. (IF=1.691)

22. Amini, F. and Farahmand Azar, B. , “Optimal active control of structures by pole assignment method”, High Performance Structures and Composites; 2002 : 419-428.

Conference Papers

  • Over than 50 papers in international conferences.

Research Projects

  • Head of Research group:

  • 1.Modular of structures.

  • 2.Rehabilitation of concrete structures

  • 3.Development of Iranian concrete code.

Awards and Scholarships

  • Educational Prize by IUST, Because of Best Professor in Civil Engineering Department, Iran, 1992

  • Research Prize: Awarded by Ministry of Science and Budget, Iran, 1987

Assignments and Consultations

  • Consultant of The Iranian Building and Housing Research Centre, 1986 – till now.

  • Consultant of planning and budjet organization of Iran, 1985 till now

Proffesional Memeberships

  • Member of The American Society of Civil Engineering

  • Fellow of The Iranian Society of Civil Engineering

  • Member of The American Concrete Institute.

  • Head of Scientific Committee of First and Second International Conference on TallStructures, Iran, 1999, 2001.

Attendance in International Official Meetings

  • FEB conference, deputy of budjet & planning organization of Iran, Paris, 1991.

  • FEB conference, deputy of budjet & planning organization of Iran, Geniva, 1993.

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