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:: Taghdir Samaneh ::
 | Post date: 2017/01/2 | 

Personal Details


Name:  Samaneh 

Date of birth: 1982 

E-mail: s_taghdir AT iust.ac.ir

Present Position: Assistant professor of architecture

Department: Architecture and Urban studies

Ph.D. Iran University of Science and Technology, Iran  1,2015


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i) University Degrees

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Architecture, Iran University of Science and Technolology (www.iust.ac.ir)2010-2015

Thesis title: “Structure of Creation and Perception Process in Architectural Pieces, on the                                     basis of Transcendent Wisdom”

Master of Art (MA) in Architecture, Iran University of Science and Technolology (www.iust.ac.ir(. 2007-2009

Thesis title: “Iranian School"


Assistant Professor, School of Architecture and Urban Studies, Iran University of Science and Technology, Since Augst2016

Teaching Experiences

 -2010 todate, Fundamentals of Architectural design 1 (Undergarduate Course), Architectural Design 2 (Undergarduate Course), Architectural Design 1(Postgraduate Course)&,Theoretical Principles of Architecture, at Iran University of science and technology (IUST).

2010 to2012, Fundamentals of design (UndergarduateCourse),IslmicArchitecture,Islamic Azad University, West Tehran branch

Selected Written Works

i) Journal Papers:

Noghrekar,A. Mozaffar, F. Taghdir,S and MoeinMehr,S. “Architectural Space Affordance of Iranian Traditional Houses in Response to Levels of Physical and Spiritual Human Needs:(Case studies: Boroujerdiha house in Kashan and Zinatolmolk house in Shiraz) ”. Procedia-Social and Behavioral Sciences,(August 2015)Vol : 201 , Pages 342-351

Noghrekar,A.Taghdir,S and MoeinMehr,S. “Principles for educational spaces architecture Based on the definition of human and architecture in the view of Islam”. Iranian architecture &Urbanism(2015)vol:10,Pages101-118 

Noghrekar,A.andTaghdir,S “Explanation of the Structure of the Human Processes based on Islamic Principles (Strategies and Solutions for Creating Art, Architecture and Urbanism)”. Researches in Islamic Architecture,(2015)vol:3,Pages 1-17

Noghrekar,A.,Mozaffar, F.andTaghdir,S“ Explore the capabilities of architectural space to create a platform to meet the needs of the of human beings of the perspective of Islam”. Studies on Iranian-Islamic City(2014)vol:15,Pages21-34

Noghrekar,A.,Mozaffar, F.andTaghdir,S“The relation between man ,the universe,and architecture from the perspective of Islam”.Armanshahr (2017)(under publication)

Conference Attendance

Taghdir,S .and Abbasi ,B.“The Effect Of Sustainable Design In Educational Spaces On Arch Teaching Of Sustainable Humane Habitat”.10th International association for humane habitat (IAHH). Mumbai,India,Junuary ,25-27  ,2008.

Aliabadi,M.,Noghrekar,A and Taghdir,S.“Presenting a Proper Pattern For The Design Of Educational Spaces,Baced on Islamic Architecture”.International conference on Islamic Arts and Architecture .NewDelhi,India,Decembre ,10-12 ,2007.

Noghrekar,A and Taghdir,S .“Critique ofof post-modern aesthetics based on Islamic principles”. International conference for the MohammadianArt .Isfahan, Iran, April 2010.

Taghdir,S .“Organizing Architecture ofEducational spaces based on the teachings of Islam, Lost ring in Iran schools design”.5thNational Conference for Iranian Architecture-Iranian school.Tehran,Iran, March 2011.

 Moti,SH and Taghdir,S.“readout the role of space between in ceating visual privacyIn contemporary residential apartments, By studying the factors that shape visual privacy in traditional home”.The First National Conference Of Islamic Architecture And Urban Design And Definition Sustainable City Based On Islamic And Iranian Lost(Absent)Idendity. Zahedan,Iran,Jan2014

Naderian,E and Taghdir,S.“ Principles for designing residential spaces, Based on the Readout the teachings of traditional home architecture in order to respond to the human needs”.The First National Conference Of Islamic Architecture And Urban Design And Definition Sustainable City Based On Islamic And Iranian Lost(Absent)Idendity. Zahedan,Iran,Jan2014

i) Books:

Noghrehkar,Abdolhamid.2014 .bardashtiazhekmateeslamidarhonarvamemari. Ketab-efekrenoPublication .Tehran.Iran (Cooperation in authoring)

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