Dr Alaeiyan



Surname : alaeiyan Name : mahdi Date of birth: -

Present Position :Professor Department : Mathematics

Ph.D. , school of mathematics, Iran University of Science & Technology(Iran, 1999-2003) 

 Tel : +98-21- 73225420

Website : http://webpages.iust.ac.ir/alaeiyan/ E-mail : alaeiyan AT iust.ac.ir

Education and Qualifications
Teaching Experiences
Research Interests

Journl Papers
Conference papers

Research Projects
Books written (in Persian

Education and Qualifications

PhD: Pure Mathematics, Course: Algebra, School: Iran University of Science and Technology
  Date taken: 1377
 MA: Pure Mathematics, Course: Algebra, School: Teacher Training University, Tehran,
Date taken: 1373
  - BS: Mathematics, Course: Teacher of Mathematics Education: University of Mashhad
Date taken: 1366



Teaching Experiences

Algebra 2
Graph Theory
 Algebra 3

  Groups and block designs

General math1

General math2

General math3

Journl Papers

 1- M.Alaeiyan, A.Bahrami, M.R.Farahani Cyclically Domination Polynomial of Molecular Graph of Some Nanotubes Digest, Journal of Nanomaterials and Biostructures, 2011, Romania

 2.M.Alaeiyan, M.Rezaeii,  Movement Of Intransitive Permutation Groups Having Maximum Degree Chinese Annals of Mathematics, Ser.B, 2010, China

3.-  M. Alaeiyan, N. Onagh On Semisymmetric cubic graphs of order 10p3 Hacettepe Journal Of Mathematics  And Statistic, 2010, Turkey 

4.M. Alaeiyan, Hamid A. Tavallaee, B. N. Onagh Semisymmetric cubic graphs of order 16p^2, Proceeding of the Indian Academy of sceience- mathematical sciences, 2009, India

5.M. Alaeiyan, M.K. Hosseinipour, Classifying cubic edge transitive graphs of order 8p, Proceeding of the  Indian Academy of sceience- mathematical sciences, 2009, India

6.M. Alaeiyan, R. Safakish, Automorphism group of a possible 2-(121,16,2) symmetric design Journal of Sciences I.R.I., 2008, Iran

7.M. Alaeiyan, M. Ghasemi, Cubic  edge-transitive graphs  of order 8p^2, Bull. Austral. Math. Soc., 2008, Australia

8.M. Alaeiyan, Hamid A.Tavallaee, Improvement on the bounds of intransitive permutation groups with bounded movement , Bull.  Belg. Math. Soc. Simon Stevin,2006 , Belgium


Research Projects

Permutation groups
 Graph Theory

Books written (in Persian)

 General Mathematics 1

Master differential equations and tests

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