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:: Dr.Mirdamadi ::

Personal Details



SURNAME: Mirdamadi


Fields of Research Interests:

Design and Selection of Engineering Materials, Extractive Metallurgy, Mechanical Metallurgy, Heat Treatment.


Contact Address

School of Metallurgy & Materials Engineering

Iran University of Science and Technology (IUST), Narmak, Tehran, Iran

Tel: +9821-7724540-550 , Ext: 2806

Fax: +9821-77240480



  H. Ghorbani , A. M. Rashidi , S. Rastegari , S. Mirdamadi , "Mass production of multi-wall carbon nanotubes by metal dusting process with high yield", Materials Research Bulletin (28 January 2011).

  Nami B., Shabestari S.G., Razavi H., Mirdamadi sh., Miresmaeili S.M., "Effect of Ca, RE Elements and Semi-Solid processing on the Microstructure and creep properties of AZ91 Alloy", Materials Science and Engineering A, 528, 1261-1267, 2011.

  Nami B. Razavi H., Miresmaeili S.M., Mirdamadi sh., Shabestari S.G., "Impression creep properties of a semi-solid processed Magnesium-Aluminum Alloy containing Calcium and Rare Earth Elements", Scripta Materialia, 65, 221-224, 2011.

  M. Raoufi, Sh. Mirdamadi, F. Mahboubi, Sh. Ahangarani, M.S. Mahdipoor, H. Elmkhah, " Correlation between the surface characteristics and the duty cycle for the PACVD-derived TiN nanostructured films ," Surface and Coatings Technology, Volume 205, Issues 21-22, 25 August 2011, Pages 4980-4984.

 H. Sabet, Sh. Khierandish, Sh. Mirdamadi, M. Goodarzi, " The Microstructure and Abrasive Wear Resistance of Fe-Cr-C Hardfacing Alloys with the Composition of Hypoeutectic, Eutectic, and Hypereutectic at Cr/C = 6", Tribology Letters , Volume 44, Number 2, November 2011 , pp. 237-245(9)

 M.Raoufi, Sh.Mirdamadi, F.Mahboubi, Sh.Ahangarani, M.S.Mahdipoor and H.Elmkhah, "Tribological Study of TiN Nano Structured Films Deposited on Plasma Nitrided H11 Steel by Pulsed DC PACVD", Advanced Materials Research, V. 264-265, 1395-1400 (2011).

  J. Saaedi, H. Arabi, T. W. Coyle, S. Mirdamadi, H. Ghorbani, "Corrosion resistance of Ni-50CrHVOF coatings on 310S alloy substrates in a metal dusting atmosphere" , Materials and Corrosion Volume 62, Issue 9, pages 823–835, September 2011.

Nami B., Razavi H., Mirdamadi S., Shabestari S.G., Miresmaeili S.M.," Effect of Ca and Rare Earth Elements on Impression creep properties of AZ91 Magnesium Alloy", Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A, volume 41A, 1973-1982, 2010.

H. Sabet, Sh. Khierandish, Sh. Mirdamadi, M. Goodarzi, " SEM and XRD Study of Hypoeutectic Fe-Cr-C Hardfacing Alloy Microstructure in as Weld Condition", Journal of Applied Chemical Research, 15, 70-78 (2010).

  H. Ghayour, A. A. Nourbakhsh, Sh. Mirdamadi, H. R. Rezaei, "Illustration of effective parameters on growth of ZnO micro/Nano Rods, on the Borosilicate Glass via Hydrothermal Process", Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology , Volume 10, Number 11, November 2010 , pp. 7455-7458(4).

  A. Keyvanara, R. Gholamipour, Sh. Mirdamadi, F. Shahri, T. Salavati-Fard, A. Abdolhoseini, "Effect of quenching wheel speed on the structure , magnetic properties and magnetoimpedance effect in Co64Fe4Ni2B19-xSi8Cr3Alx (x=0, 1 and 2) melt-spun ribbons", Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, Volume 322, Issue 18, p. 2680-2683, 2010.

  H. Aliakbarzadeh, Sh. Mirdamadi, M. Tamizifar, "Effect of Low Zr addition on microallyed cast steel", Materials Science and Technology Vol. 26 Number 11 , pp. 1373-1376, 2010.

  A. Sadeghzadeh, M. sasani, F. Hajiesmaeili, Sh. Mirdamadi, K. Katafiri, K. Komo, “Phase Formatlon in a Ni-50Co HVOF Caoting”, accepted

  A. Sadeghzadeh M.sasani, F. Hajiesmaeili, Sh. Mirdamadi, K. Katafiri K.Komo, “Synthesis and characterization of anatase and rutile TiO2nanorods by tempeate – anites method”, J. Mater. Sci., 2008

  A. Sadeghzadeh, M. sasani, F. Hajiesmaeili, Sh. Mirdamadi, K. Katafiri, K.Komo, “Study on the effects of complo ligondsin in the synthesis of TiO2 nanorod arrays unsing the sol-fel template method”, J.of Physics D:Aplied physics, 2008

J. Saaedi, H. Arabi, Sh. Mirdamadi, Th.W. Coyle, " Sigma phase formation in a heat treated Ni-50 Cr coating applied by HVOF process on a stainless steel", Iranian Journal of Materials Science and Engineering, Vol. 5, No. 4, 2008

  M. Maleki, Sh. Mirdamadi, R. Ghasemzadeh, M. Sasani Ghamsari, "Preparation and charactrization of cadmium sulfide nanorods by noval solvothermal method", Materials Letters, 2008

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M. Maleki, M. Sasani, Sh. Mirdamadi, R. Ghasemzadeh, "A facial route for preparation of cds nanoparticles", First International Congress On Nanoscience & Nanotechnology.

A. Sadeghzadeh, M. Sasemi, F. Haji, Sh. Mirdamadi, "Template-based growth of TiO2 nanorods by sol-gel process", First International Congress On Nanoscience & Nanotechnology

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