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Address : Iran University of Science & Technology -
 Tehran – Iran


Tel : +98(21) 73225000-1

Fax : +98(21) 73021214

E_mail: ie_info AT iust.ac.ir



:: - CV ::


" Dr Morteza Bagherpour"

Assistant Professor

Ph.D. , Iran University of Science and Technology (Iran), 2008

Department: Industrial Engineering

Email : bagherpour AT iust.ac.ir

Tel: +98-21-73-22-5072

Education and qualifications

University Degrees

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Industrial Engineering, Iran, 2005-2008

Master of Industrial Engineering, Iran, 2003-2005

Bachelor of Industrial Engineering, Iran, 1999-2003

Sellected Short Course Certificates

Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) certificate, Iran, 2007

Advanced Primavera Enterprise 6.0 certificate, Iran, 2008


Faculty of Industrial Engineering, Iran University of Science and Technology, Since 2009

Department of Industrial Engineering, Azad University, 2005-2009

Teaching Experiences

Teachning project planning & Control, Project management, simulation study, Engineering economics, computer and its applications at Bsc, Msc, and phD students in industrial Engineering, Faculty of Industrial Engineering, Iran University of Science and Technology ;

Teaching project planning and control, simualtion, statistical analysis, computer and its applications in industrial engineering and engineering economics in Department of Industrial Engineering, Azad University

Selected Written Works

A- International referred journals

 1-  Bagherpour. M, Noori. S, Cost Management System within Production Environment: A performance based approach, IMECHE, Part B: Journal of Engineering Manufacture, SAGE publication, on-line, 2011. (ISI Index).

2-  Yaghoubi. S, Noori. S, Bagherpour. M, Resource allocation in multi-server dynamic PERT networks using multi-objective programming and Markov process, Iranian Journal of Science and Technology, A2: 131-147.2011 (ISI Index).  

3-  Bagherpour. M, Feylizadeh. MR, Cioffi. D, Time, cost, and quality trade-offs in material requirements planning using fuzzy multi-objective programming, IMECHE, Part B: Journal of Engineering Manufacture, SAGE publication, Accepted for publication, Corrected Proof, 2011. (ISI Index)

4-  Rohaninejad. M, Bagherpour. M, Application of Risk Analysis within Value Management: A Case study in Dam Engineering, Journal of Civil Engineering and Management, Accepted for publication, 2011, (ISI Index).  

  5 - Mahdavi. I, Taghizadeh. K, Bagherpour. M, Soleiman pour. M, Modeling of multi-period multi-product production planning considering production routes, International Journal of Production Research, (IJPR),Taylor and Francis publicatio, Online- 2011. (ISI Index). 

6-  Taghizadeh. K, Bagherpour. M, Mahdavi. I, Application of Fuzzy Multi-Objective Linear Programming Model in a MPMP problem, International Journal of computational intelligent systems, Vol.4, Issue 2, March 2011. (ISI Index)

7-  Zareei. A, Zarepour. F, Bagherpour. M, Noora. AA, Hadi Vencheh, , A new approach for solving fuzzy critical path method using analysis of events, Expert systems with applications, 38 (1), 87-93, 2011, Elsevier. (ISI Index)

8-  Saharkhiz. E, Bagherpour. M, Software Performance Evaluation of a Computerized Maintenance Management System: A Statistical Based Comparison, Eksploatacja i Niezawodnosc – Maintenance and Reliability 2012; 14 (1):2011. (ISI Index)

9-  Bagherpour. M, A successful project cost management system: Challenges and obstacles to implementation, Cost Management, Sep –Oct, 2010, PP 15- 20. (ISI) 

10- Bagherpour. M, An Extension to Earned Value Management, Cost Management, 2011, June – July. (ISI) 

11- Feylizadeh. MR, Bagherpour. M, Application of optimization techniques in production planning context, International Journal of manufacturing systems, 2011.  

12- Bagherpour. M, Noori S, Sadjadi. SJ, Cost – Time Trade off Models Application to Crashing Flow Shop Scheduling Problems, Lecture Note In Computer Science, Springer-Verlag Berlin, PP 546-553, 2006.

13- Bagherpour. M, Noghondarian. K, Noori. S, Applying Fuzzy Logic to Estimate Setup Times in Sequence Dependent Single Machine Scheduling Problems, International Journal of Computer Science and Network Security, VOL.7 No.1, PP 111-118, January 2007. 

14- Bagherpour.M, Zareei. A, Noori. S, Heydari. M, Designing a control mechanism using earned value analysis: An application through production environemnt, The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, Spinger- London, 49, 419 - 428, 2010. (ISI Index) 

15- Noori. S, Bagherpour. M, Zorriasatine. F, Makui. M, Parkin. RM, A new project scheduling approach for improving multi-product multi-period (MPMP) production planning problems, Institute of mechanical engineers (IMECH), Part B- Journal of Engineering manufacture, Vol. 222, 1517 – 1527. 2008. (ISI Index) 

16- Emaeil Abounoori, Morteza Bagherpour, “Industrial cost estimation using neural network, regression analysis or hybrid regression- neural networks”? Iranian Economic Review, Vol 16, PP. 17-29. 2006. (ISC)

17-  Noori. S, Bagherpour. M, Zareei. A, 2008, Applying Fuzzy Control Chart in Earned Value Analysis: A New Application, World Applied Sciences Journal 3 (4): 684-690. (ISC) 

18- Noori. S, Feylizadeh. MR, Bagherpour. M, Zorriasatine. F, Parkin. R, Optimiztion of MRP using fuzzy multi objective linear programming, Institute of mechanical engineers (IMECH), Part B- Journal of Engineering manufacture, Vol. 222, 887- 900, 2008. (ISI Index)

19-  Noori. S, Bagherpour. M, Zorrisatine. F, Designing a control mechanism on MPMP problems by means of earned value, Journal of applied sciences, 8(15), 2008, 1-8, (ISC) 

20-  Shiekh. S, Bagherpour. M, Estimating the Saturation Thermodynamic Properties of Propene Using a Feed Forward Neural Network, World applied sciences journal, 4 (2), 2008, 169-173, (ISC). 

21-  Zareei. A, Noori, S, Bagherpour. M, Fuzzy Earned value analysis in production planning problems, Journal of Uncertain Systems, 5 (1), 21-32, 2011. (Scopus)

22-  Feylizadeh. MR, Modarres. M, Bagherpour. M, Optimal Crashing of Multi Period-Multi Product Production Planning Problems, World applied sciences Journal, 4 (4), PP.499-505, 2006. (ISC)

23- Zorriasatine. S, Bagherpour. M, A new method in project weight values, 2009, Journal of applied sciences, 9 (5), 917-923, 2009. (Scopus) 

24-  Mahdavi. I, Taghizadeh. K, Bagherpour. M, An Interactive fuzzy goal programming approach for multi-period multi-product production planning problem, Journal of Fuzzy Information and Engineering (Springer), On-line, 2011. 

25-  Hedayat. MH, Bagherpour. M, A two level DEA in project based organizations, Management Science Letters 2 (2012) 11–20. (Scopus) 

26-  Feylizadeh. MR, Hendalianpour, Bagherpour. M, A fuzzy neural network to estimate at completion costs of construction projects, International Journal of Industrial Engineering Computations, 2012, On-line. (ISC) 

27-  Erjaee.A, Bagherpour. M, Razeghi.S, Dehghani .SM, Imanieh. MH, Haghiat. M, A Multi Criteria Decision Making Mode for Treatment of Helicobacter Pylori Infection In Children, HK journal of pediatrics, 17, 2012, (ISI Index) 

28-  Mortaji.STH, Bagherpour.M, Noori.S, Fuzzy Earned Value Management Using Fuzzy L-R number, Journal of Intelligent and Fuzzy Systems, USA, DOI: 10.3223.IFS-2012-0556, 24(2):323-332 (2013), (ISI Index) 

29-  Bagherpour.M, Kamyab Nia. A, Sharifian, Mahdavi Mazdeh.M, Time Driven Activity Based Costing in Production Environments, Institute of mechanical engineers, IMECHE: Part B: Journal of Engineering Manufacture, 2013 vol. 227 no. 2 333-337, (ISI Index)  

30- Morteza Bagherpour, Taha Mortaji, M Mahdavi Mazdeh, Fuzzy Time Driven Activity Based Costing, Engineering Management Journal, ( ISI Index), Sep 13, 63-73.  

31-  Salari. M, Bagherpour M., Kamyabnia. A, Fuzzy Extended earned value management: a novel perspective, Journal of intelligent and fuzzy systems, IOS press, 27(3), 1393- 1406, 2014( ISI Index),]

32-  Mortaji, S., Noorossana, R., and Bagherpour, M. (2014). "Project Completion Time and Cost Prediction Using Change Point Analysis." Journal of Management in Eng. 10.1061/(ASCE)ME.1943-5479.0000329. (ISI Index) 

33-  Feylizadeh Mr., Bagherpour M., Project Cash Flow Forecasting Using Value at Risk, Technical Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences,3(20),2681-2685, 2013  

34- Feylizadeh Mr., Bagherpour M., Sharifi, Sharifi, The effect of claim on construction cash flow, Technical Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences, 3, 3835-3838, 2013  

35-  Bagherpour M., Bagherpour MH., Roodani K., Forecasting Gas Production Rate in Underground Gas Reservoirs Using Artificial Neural Networks, Universal Journal of Engineering Science 2(4): 73-76, 2014 

36-  Bagherpour MH., Bagherpour M., Roodani. K, Underground gas storage in gas condensate reservoir, International Journal of Petroleum and Geoscience Engineering (IJPGE) 2 (2): 130-137, 2014 

37-  Bagherpour M., Safari M., Sharifi M, Applying mechanical equilibrium rules in project cost management, IMECHE: journal of engineering manufacture, on-line, 2016 (ISI Index) 

38- Salari M., Bagherpour M., Wang J., A novel earned value management model using Z-number, International journal of applied decision making, 7(1), 91-116, 2014  

39- Kamyab Nia, Bagherpour M.,Risk based earned value management : a novel perspective in software engineering, Int. J. of Industrial and Systems Engineering Vol.17, No.2, pp.170 – 185, 2014.  

40- Bagherpour M, Erjaee S., Rasekh A., Dehghani SM., Data Mining Applications in a Medical System, Chapter 55, Encyclopedia of business analytics and optimization, IGI Global, USA. 

41- Afshar A., Bagherpour M., Farahmand F., Efficiency Measurement of Clinical Units Using Integrated Independent Component Analysis-DEA Model under Fuzzy Conditions, international journal of hospital research, 2( 3), 108-117, 2013.  

42- Salari M., Bagherpour M., Reyhani MH., A Cost -Time Trade-Off Model by incorporating Fuzzy Earned Value Management: A Statistical Based Approach, Journal of intelligent and fuzzy systems, 28 (4), 1909-1919, (ISI Index),2015 

43- M Bagherpour, Risky Time Driven Activity Based Costing in a Medical center: A Development, implementation and simulation based optimization approach, The Journal of Accounting and Management 5 (2), 2015 

44- S Raeisi, M Bagherpour, Claim Simulation A case study in Piping Projects, International Journal of Mechanical Dynamics & Analysis 1 (2), 09-22, 2015

45- M Safari, M Bagherpour, J Wang, Applying utility theory in uncertain project environments with multiple goals, International Journal of Applied Decision Sciences 9 (2), 196-211,2016

46- V Aminian, A Nejad, S Mortaji, M Bagherpour, A modified earned value management using activity based costing, Journal of Project Management 1 (2), 41-54,2016

 47- M Khanzadi, AM Attar, M Bagherpour, Finding Optimum Resource Allocation to Optimizing Construction Project Time/Cost through Combination of Artificial Agents CPM and GA, Periodica Polytechnica. Civil Engineering 60 (2), 169,2016, (ISI Index) 

48- MM Sharifi, M Bagherpour, Optimizing Cash-Flow-at-Risk in Construction Projects: A Cost Reduction Approach, Periodica Polytechnica Civil Engineering 60 (3), 337-344, 2016, (ISI Index) 

49- A Noroozi, H Mokhtari, M Bagherpour, SJ Sadjadi, A probabilistic portfolio budget allocation problem with CPI index under risk, Journal of Industrial and Production Engineering 33 (4), 236-246, 2016, (ISI Index) 

50- A Makui, P Moeinzadeh, M Bagherpour, Developing a Fuzzy Group Decision-Making Approach for Project Manager Selection Considering the Static Complexity of Construction Projects., International Journal of Engineering Science (2008-4870) 27 (3), 2016

51- A Makui, P Moeinzadeh, M Bagherpour, Developing a fuzzy inference approach to evaluate the static complexity of construction projects, Journal of Intelligent & Fuzzy Systems, 1-17,2017, (ISI Index) 

52- M Bagherpour, A Erjaee, The Role of Project Management Office in Public Health: A New Approach for Establishment in Iran, Iranian journal of public health 46 (3), 433, 2017(ISI Index) 

53- M Rostami, M Bagherpour, MM Mazdeh, A Makui, Resource Pool Location for Periodic Services in Decentralized Multi-Project Scheduling Problems, Journal of Computing in Civil Engineering 31 (5), 2017(ISI Index)

B- International conferences  

1-  Bagherpour. M, Noori. S, Solimapur. Network modeling approach to a multi assembled production system, Second International conference on simulation, modeling and applied optimization, Abu Dahbi University of petroleum, March 2007, UAE.

2-  Bagherpour. M, Noori. S, Ebne Rasoul. SA, Project performance measurement using balanced scorecard, third International project management conference, Tehran, May 2007. 

3-  Feylizadeh. MR, Arya Nezhad MB, Bagherpour. M, A fuzzy multi objective linear programming application to crashing flow shop scheduling problems, Second international conference on simulation, modeling and applied optimization, Abu Dahbi University of petroleum, March 2007, UAE.

4- Tavakoli Mogaddam. R, Bagherpour. M, Noora A, Sasani, Fuzzy lead time in a material requirement planning system, 8th international conference of fuzzy sets and system, University of British Columbia, Canada .

5- Bagherpour. M, S.M.Ebrahimi, Project weight calculation using AHP analysis with fuzzy criteria, Proceedings of first International conference on simulation, modeling and applied optimization, (2005), Feb.1-3, No.50,PP 1-4 ,Sharjeh, UAE.

6-  Iraj Mahdavi, Bagherpour. M, S.M.Ebrahimi The effects of delay due to lotsize in a shop with assembled products, Proceedings of international industrial Engineering conference, Vol.2, PP.90-98, AUT,2004 Tehran, Iran.

7-  Iraj Mahdavi, Bagherpour.M, , A.K.Mittlas, A method to solve flow shop scheduling with due date using crashing of critical path, Proceedings of fifth international conference on operations and quantitative management, Vol.2,PP 221-226, Hanyang university, S.Korea,2005.

8-  M.H.Bagherpour, Bagherpour. M, Artificial neural network application to revise plan in project management, Proceedings of first international conference on simulation, modeling and applied optimization, (2005), Feb.1-3,No.52,PP 1-4 ,Sharjeh, UAE.

9- Iraj Mahdavi, Bagherpour.M, A.K.Mittals, A method to find common due date in flow shop scheduling problems, Proceedings of second international conference on management, No.101,PP-209- 215,Culcutta, India,2005.

10- S.M.H Hojatti, Bagherpour,M., F. Soliemani, Minimizing make span subject to budget limitation in flow shop scheduling, 35th international conference of computer & industrial engineering, Istanbul, Turkey. 

11-  Bagherpour.M, Pourya Nikfard, Arash Ghaed Mohammadi, Hybrid Tabu search- neural network application to single machine scheduling with earliness – tardiness penalty, V international conference on system identification & control problems, 31 Jan- 2 Feb 2006, PP 1212-1219.

12-  MR.Fiely Zadeh, M.Soliemanpur, Bagherpour.M, Single machine scheduling with earliness – tardiness penalty subject to preventive group replacement, V international conference on system identification & control problems, 31 Jan- 2 Feb 2006, PP 1203-1211. 

13-  Bagherpour. M,  Siamak Noori, Ehsan Parhizgar Quantitative Risk Analysis in a Production Planning Problem,Risk Management International Congress”, Tehran, Iran, 1386.

14-  Farzad Manzoori, Bagherpour. M, Manufacturing performance measurement using Data Envelopment Analysis, Proceedings of the 8th International Conference of DEA, 2010.

15-  Iraj Mahdavi, Amir H fekri moghaddam, Bagherpour. M, , Flexible route invetigation in a flexible manaufacturing system, IEEE conference on Engineering management, 2009, 2358-2364.

16-  Bagherpour M., A closed loop cost control system, International Conference on Economics and Finance Management, Dubai, UAE, 92-96, 2014.

17-  Bagherpour M., Risk cost reduction through quantity surveying simulation, 7th conference on quantity surveying, Pretoria, South Africa, 2014.

18-  Bagherpour M., Challenges in implementations of cost control system, International project management conference, Tehran, 2014. 

19- Bagherpour M., Computer aided cost control: A dashboard system, The second international conference in computer science, Engineering and educational technologies, Malaysia, 2015. 

20-  MH Reihania, M Bagherpour, A Erjaee, Earned Value management in Public Health: A new horizon In Vaccination planning, IE international conference, Tehran, 2017.

Conference Attendance

The Second international project management conference, Tehran, Iran

The third International project management conference, Tehran, Iran

The forth project management conference, Tehran, Iran

International Industrial Engineering conference, AUT, Tehran, Iran

Risk management congress, Tehran, Iran

Manufacturing Engineering conference, Shiraz, Iran

The second international conference on simulation, modeling and applied optimization, Sharjah, UAE, 2005

Published Books

1- Morteza Bagherpour and Pardis Ferasat, MSP training Book, Simaye Danesh Publication, The Second Edition, 2010 (In persian).

2- Morteza Bagherpour and Saeed Razeghi, Project planning and control, Simaye Danesh Pulication, 2010.

3- Project Management office,

4- Enginnering economy

Research Projects

Principle Investigator : Economic evaluation of research projects of FARS power supply company, Fars power supply company, Shiraz, Iran, 2009

Principle Investigator : Strategic management of Shiraz Azad University, Shiraz, Iran : 2009  

Co-investigator : Applying a control mechanism on material requirement planning using earned value management system, Granted by Iran National Science Foundation (INSF), 2006  

Co-investigator : Industrial cost estimation using regression analysis, neural networks or hybrid regression – neural network?, Granted by Karaj Azad University, 2006  

Co-investigator : A preventive maintenance planning using Tabu Search, Granted by Shiraz Azad University, 2007  

Awards And Scholarships

Best researcher award, Fars province, 2010

Best researcher award, Azad University, Shiraz, Iran, 2009

Patent a mechanical device, Iranian patent association, 2008

Assignments and Consultationsns

• Associate Editor In Chief: humanity and social sciences Journal (Since 2008)

• Associate Editor In Cheif: World Applied Sciences journal (Since 2008)

• International advisory board: International Journal of Information Technology Project Management, USA, since 2010

• Reviewer: Lecture note in computer science, Springer-Verlag Berlin, 2006

• Reviewer: Journal of the Franklin Institute, Elsevier, 2007  

• Some international conferences i.e industrial engineering conferences

• World scientific and engineering academy and society (WSEAS), Active reviewer, 2007

• Reviewer: Journal of Industrial Engineering- International, Azad University Press

• Reviewer: Advances in Engineering software (Elsevier), USA, 2010

• Reviewer: Cost Engineering Journal, USA, 2010

• Reviewer: Africal Journal of Business Management, 2010

• Reviewer: International journal of industrial Engineering and production research, IUST press  

Reviewer: International Journal of industrial Engineering Computations  

Reviewer: Sharif Journal of Engineering, Sharif University of Technology Press  

Reviewer: Engineering Management Journal, USA  

Reviewer: Iranian Journal of Science & Technology, Shiraz University Press

Attendance in International Official Meetings

- The second international conference on simulation, modeling and applied optimization, Sharjah, 2005, UAE

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