Hydrodynamic behavior of particles in a jet flow of a gas fluidized bed 

L. Mirmomen, M. Alavi

 M. Ghadiri




  Numerous investigations have been devoted towards understanding the hydrodynamics of gas jets in fluidized beds. However, most of them address the problem from macroscopic point of view, which does not reveal the true behavior in the jet region at the single particle level. The present work aims to understand the jet behavior from a more fundamental level, i.e. the individual particle level. A thin rectangular gas fluidized bed, constructed from acrylic glass, with a vertical jet nozzle located at the centre of the distributor was used in the work. A high speed camera with a speed up to 10,000 frames per second was used to observe the jet behavior. Analysis of large quantity of images allowed determination of solids flux, solids Velocity and solids concentration in the jet region. The model present in this work has shown better agreement with the experimental data in compare with the previous models presented in the literature.

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