Chem. Eng. Technol. 2007, 30, No. 10, 1418–1425

Separation of Hydrogen from Carbon 

Monoxide Using a Hollow Fiber Polyimid Membrane: Experimental and Simulation

  Maryam Peer , Seyyed Mehdi Kamali , iMohammad Mahdeyarfar 

  Tora j Mohammad




  The  separatio n o f hydroge n fro m  carbo n monoxid e (synga s rati o adjustment ) wit h polymeri c membrane s wa s investigate d i n thi s work . A polyimid e hollo w fi­be r membran e modul e wa s use d fo r hydroge n separation . Thi s polyme r ha s show n larg e permeabilit y an d selectivit y fo r hydroge n separatio n (selectivit y o f ca . 30) . Permeatio n test s wer e carrie d ou t a t differen t fee d conditions . Fee d flo w rate s wer e varie d betwee n 150–30 0 mL/min , temperatur e wa s varie d i n th e rang e o f 20–8 0 ° C an d fee d pressur e wa s varie d betwee n 5– 9 bar . Mixture s containin g 0–5 0 % carbo n monoxid e wer e use d whe n carryin g ou t experiments . Measure d membran e permeance s fo r hydroge n an d carbo n monoxid e wer e abou t 70 – 10 0 GP U (ga s permeatio n units ) an d 3–5. 5 GPU , respectively . I n addition , a mathematica l mode l fo r simulatio n o f ga s separatio n i n hollo w fibe r membran e module s wit h al l flo w pattern s (crossflow , countercurren t an d cocurrent ) wa s presented . Thi s mode l ca n b e use d fo r calculatio n o f membran e performanc e o r it s require d surfac e are a fo r a specifi c separation . Experimenta l result s hav e show n goo d correlatio n wit h simulatio n results . Plasticization , competitiv e sorp­tio n an d concentratio n polarizatio n effec t o f carbo n monoxid e o n membran e performanc e i s show n wit h experimenta l results . Thi s effec t reduce d hydroge n permeance s i n mixe d ga s experiments .


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