Morteza Rezaee




  Personal Information:

  Name : Morteza Rezaee

  Birth Date : 1 – Dec – 1980

  Phone No :

  Email :

  Educational Background:

  • B.Sc. Degree in Electrical Engineering (Power) in Mazandaran University.

  • M.Sc. Degree in Electrical Engineering (Electrical Machine and Power Electronic) in Iran University of Science and Technology.

  Research Background:

  • B.Sc Thesis : “Improving the invertors of Neka power plant using IGBT”

  • M.Sc Thesis : “Improved Design of Rogowski Coil together with its Calibration for Measuring High Current”


  • Power system measuring.

  • Control and Monitoring of Induction and Synchronous Generators.

  • Fault Current Limiter

  Employment History:

  • Electric Supervisor of Turbo Expander Project in Neka

  • Training in Neka Thermal Power Plant

  • Research project about Excitation unit of Besat Power Plant.

  Conference Papers:

  • Morteza Rezaee, Hossein Heydari, “Improving the Measurement Accuracy of Rogowski Coil in Different Frequencies with Changing the Integrator Circuit”, 22nd International Conf. of Power system (PSC2007).

  • Morteza Rezaee, Hossein Heydari, “The Influence of Terminal Resistor on the Performance of Rogowski Coil”, 23rd International Conf. of Power system (PSC2008).

  • Morteza Rezaee, Hossein Heydari, “Mutual Inductances Comparison in Rogowski Coil with Circular and Rectangular Cross-Sections and Its Improvement”, IEEE Conf on Indust. App, ICIEA, pp: 1507-1511, 2008.

  • Morteza Rezaee, Hossein Heydari, “Thermal Effect on the Output of Rogowski Coil”, 24th International Conf. of Power system (PSC2009).

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