Ph. D. Courses:

  Approximations theory

  Applied functional analysis

  Numerical solutions of integral equation with singularity

  Nonlinear analysis

  Special function (Wavelet, Walsh, …)

  Boundary Value Problem

  Numerical solutions of integral equations

  Advanced engineering mathematics

  Fourier Analysis

  MSC Course:

  Advanced Numerical Analysis

  Advanced engineering mathematics

  Numerical solution of ODE

  Numerical solution of PDE

  Numerical solution of integral equations

  Numerical solution of linear algebra

  Parallel programming

  Software in Numerical Analysis


  BSC Course:

  Calculus (I), (II), (III)

  Partial Differential Equation

  Ordinary Differential Equation

  Numerical Analysis (I), (II)

  Advanced Engineering Mathematics

  Fortran Programming

  An Introduction to Computer Science

  Linear Algebra

  Numerical Computation


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